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Thinking about that #StarTrekPicard teaser. Speculation: the rescue armada (to save the Romulans?) was intentionall…
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About Me

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


News for Patreon Supporters


News for Patreon Supporters

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Patreon Tiers

Our Parent Network, The Tricorder Transmissions, has just announced new tiers for Patreon Supporters. See the list below and if any of these interest you, sign up here.

Transparent Aluminum

$1 or more per month

  • Unedited and early release of episodes from our network!
  • Regular Patreon hangouts with TTT hosts just for our loyal Patreons!
  • A Supporter Button to show your TTT pride!
  • Your name on a Patreon supporters page on the TTT website!

$5 or more per month

All of the above PLUS:

  • Voting on Patreon hangout activities (topics, games etc.)
  • Voting on show topics for select shows (help choose an upcoming episode topic of TrekRanks, special episode of DiscoTrek, book for ReadingTrek etc.)
  • FREE Star Trek Las Vegas Convention badge, if attending
  • “Behind the Scenes” TTT videos from the crew
  • Open invitation to contribute to TTT’s blog

$10 or more per month

All of the above PLUS:

  • Guaranteed opportunities to have your voicemail messages or emails featured on a special Patreon shout out on a TTT show of your choice! (Got a strong feeling about this week’s Discovery? Want to share your thoughts on ReadingTrek’s book? Got a top 5 list to share with TrekRanks?)
  • Once annual guaranteed guest appearances on WeeklyTrek for ALL Latinum Tier patrons!
  • Moderate a DebateTrek topic of your choice! Barry and Shashank will debate any Star Trek topic you choose – and you can moderate – on a special episode of PoliTreks!
  • Going to be at STLV? Swing by an exclusive TTT Latinum Party (separate from our annual party open to all) for Latinum Tier patrons and up and participate in a live STLV recording. The first round is on us!

$15 or more per month

All of the above PLUS: 

  • An additional annual guest appearance on WeeklyTrek for ALL Dilithium Tier patrons!
  • Annual guaranteed guest appearance on one other TTT show that features guests OF YOUR CHOICE (excluding TrekProfiles)
  • Get in the Shore Leave spirit with your own Star Trek collectible from a select convention event
  • Enter for a chance to win an appearance on TrekProfiles (one Dilithium Tier patron selected at random per year)
Omega Molecule

$25 or more per month

All of the above PLUS: 

  • An annual guaranteed guest appearance on EVERY TTT show that features guest panels!
  • Join TTT’s Federation Council and provide input on the direction of the network
Harmonized Omega Molecule

$25 or more per month ∙ only 2 left

All of the above PLUS: 

  • Want to appear on your own episode of TrekProfiles? Well now you can! Make a six month commitment to this tier, and you can feature on your very own episode of TrekProfiles! 

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