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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 22: Rob Chapman


Episode 22: Rob Chapman

Image of the town of Faversham in the UK

In this episode we speak with Rob Chapman. Rob shares his love of certain episodes and how Star Trek got him through a dark time in his life.

Our guest Rob, clearly showing his Dominion sympathies.

Episode Topics

Episodes Discussed

  • The Ultimate Computer (TOS S2E24 – Remastered version)
  • If Memory Serves (DSC S2E08)
  • City on the Edge of Forever (TOS S1E28)
  • Tuvix (VOY S2E24)
  • Macrocosm (VOY S3E12)
  • Captive Pursuit (DS9 S1E06)
  • United (ENT S4E13)
  • Sound of Thunder (DSC S2E06)
  • Lessons (TNG S6E19)
  • In the Cards (DS9 S5E25)
  • The Void (VOY S7E15)
  • Hard Time (DS9 S4E19)


Find Rob and connect with him on Twitter at @TrekkieRob or join his online Trek book club and follow him at @TrekBookClub

Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Chief Architect for Starbase construction for Starfleet Command

Photos courtesy of Rob Chapman

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