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Episode 22: Rob Chapman

In this episode we speak with Rob Chapman. Rob shares his love of certain episodes and how Star Trek got him through a dark time in his life.

Our guest Rob, clearly showing his Dominion sympathies.

Episode Topics

Episodes Discussed

  • The Ultimate Computer (TOS S2E24 – Remastered version)
  • If Memory Serves (DSC S2E08)
  • City on the Edge of Forever (TOS S1E28)
  • Tuvix (VOY S2E24)
  • Macrocosm (VOY S3E12)
  • Captive Pursuit (DS9 S1E06)
  • United (ENT S4E13)
  • Sound of Thunder (DSC S2E06)
  • Lessons (TNG S6E19)
  • In the Cards (DS9 S5E25)
  • The Void (VOY S7E15)
  • Hard Time (DS9 S4E19)


Find Rob and connect with him on Twitter at @TrekkieRob or join his online Trek book club and follow him at @TrekBookClub

Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Chief Architect for Starbase construction for Starfleet Command

Photos courtesy of Rob Chapman