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- 3 days ago

If we get a mention of Queen Berúthiel or someone else hidden that deeply in the story, I shall most likely fall directly out of my chair. 🤩
h J R

- 3 days ago

This guy spent 5 years building a 1:1 replica Mk II Colonial Viper… just amazing. It has lights and spinning parts. I half expected it to launch when he gave the thumbs up. HT to primavera31 from Reddit
h J R

- 4 days ago

@themattschorr The horror of this cannot be understated.
h J R

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 67: April Eden

Aerial shot of the Griffith Observatory

In this episode we speak with the actor and science educator April Eden. April was also the subject of a special feature on the Star Trek (2009) DVD/Blu-Ray as an […]

Episode 66: Steve Gibson

In this episode we speak with the Software Engineer and Security Commentator Steve Gibson. He’s a Star Trek fan since the TOS original broadcast and he’s also the co-host of […]

Episode 65: Amens

In this episode we speak with Star Trek fan and Online Role-player Amens. She’s a long-time fan who is changing her name to match her Star Trek persona and has […]

Episode 64: Daniel Fried

In this episode we speak with Daniel Fried, better known as @MrEarlG on Twitter Topics The fandom waxes and wanes in Dan’s life How the pandemic affected Dan’s interaction with […]

Episode 63: Ron Wrobel

In this episode we speak with fan Ron Wrobel. He’s a long-time fan who enjoys the lighter side of Star Trek. I hope you enjoy this conversation! Topics Being a […]

Episode 61: Abby Sommer

In this episode we speak with lifelong Star Trek fan, teacher, mom, and podcaster Abby Sommer. Topics Star Trek since Middle School Living with pre-empted TV The Starfleet Academy fleece […]

Episode 60: Paul Mattingly

In this episode we speak with improv actor, podcaster, and former cast member at the Star Trek: The Experience Paul Mattingly. Topics The King’s Island Theme Park and Paul’s first […]

Episode 59: Tongtong Bu

A conversation with Star Trek fan Tongtong Bu, also known as @Captain Pike-a-chu from Twitter! In this one, she tells us of being a child immigrant to the US and […]

Episode 58: Brandon-Shea Mutala

Image of a lake and clouds

In this episode we speak with the podcaster, movie buff, and Star Trek fan Brandon-Shea Mutala. Topics The Star Trek Credits cosplay from STLV 2021 (Image via TrekCore) Brandon’s thoughts […]

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