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- 4 hours ago

If I give in, the amount of lurve for my team on this account would overwhelm the low quality Trek nonsense most of you can’t for!
h J R

- 4 hours ago

Must.... resist... posting about Hockey...
h J R

- 1 day ago

@CrystalPisano I’m happy that you are happy, my friend! 🥰
h J R

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 38: Jim Moorhouse

Image of Los Angeles downtown

In this one, I’m joined by the Star Trek podcaster and fan Jim Moorhouse. We talked about his love of Trek, his podcasting, and of course, his appearance on the […]

Episode 37: Kerry Purvis

In this episode, we speak with Kerry Purvis about her Star Trek fandom. We talk about her favorite episodes and discover some common themes among them! Topics John’s Spock Ratings […]

Episode 35: Alison Pitt

Orange County CA, scenic background

In this episode we speak with Alison Pitt. She’s the host of the wonderful Daily Star Trek News podcast over on the Roddenberry Podcast network. Daily Star Trek News is […]

Episode 31: Anika Dane

Image of Middletown CT

In this episode we speak with Anika Dane. She’s a writer, cosplayer, and podcaster. Anika has a long and fascinating Star Trek story that I hope you will enjoy! Topics […]

Episode 30: Marina Kravchuk

Image of Atlantic Ocean taken in New Jersey

In this episode we speak with my friend Marina Kravchuk. She’s not only a Star Trek fan, but an inveterate fandom convention attendee. She’s a member of the New York […]

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