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- 14 hours ago

@JESilverstein @KRADeC Love it. Apropos of this topic, I recently finished re-reading the entire original (six) Dune books and in the 6th book it’s confirmed that the Jews are still around in the many 10’s of thousands of years in the future when Dune takes place. Big part of the story too. 🖖🏻
h J R

- 14 hours ago

@m_solvera Peter David is excellent. Enjoy it!
h J R

- 2 days ago

@BatlethBabe I’m in one of those photos! 🤩🖖🏻❤️
h J R

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Episode 59: Tongtong Bu

A conversation with Star Trek fan Tongtong Bu, also known as @Captain Pike-a-chu from Twitter! In this one, she tells us of being a child immigrant to the US and […]

Episode 58: Brandon-Shea Mutala

Image of a lake and clouds

In this episode we speak with the podcaster, movie buff, and Star Trek fan Brandon-Shea Mutala. Topics The Star Trek Credits cosplay from STLV 2021 (Image via TrekCore) Brandon’s thoughts […]

Episode 56: Glenn Dakin

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Glenn Dakin is a writer and cartoonist, specializing in fantasy and humor. But he’s also a huge Star Trek fan. Let’s take a dive into his fandom and learn what […]

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