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This is a training video on how to make hot drinks at Wendy’s. It’s from the 80’s. This video is… something else. 🤷🏻‍♂️
h J R

- 1 day ago

@trekfan4747 @Rahimbuford I’m glad you liked it, Justin. It’s my pleasure to highlight the many different ways that people find and enjoy #StarTrek
h J R

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 69: Rahim Buford

In this episode we speak with Rahim Buford. Rahim was serving time in prison, and he began to appreciate Star Trek and it helped him think about himself and his […]

Episode 68: Chris Lackey

In this episode we speak with the podcaster and super Star Trek fan Chris Lackey. He is one half of the amazing “Rachel Watches Star Trek” podcast. Topics Always being […]

Episode 67: April Eden

Aerial shot of the Griffith Observatory

In this episode we speak with the actor and science educator April Eden. April was also the subject of a special feature on the Star Trek (2009) DVD/Blu-Ray as an […]

Episode 66: Steve Gibson

In this episode we speak with the Software Engineer and Security Commentator Steve Gibson. He’s a Star Trek fan since the TOS original broadcast and he’s also the co-host of […]

Episode 65: Amens

In this episode we speak with Star Trek fan and Online Role-player Amens. She’s a long-time fan who is changing her name to match her Star Trek persona and has […]

Episode 64: Daniel Fried

In this episode we speak with Daniel Fried, better known as @MrEarlG on Twitter Topics The fandom waxes and wanes in Dan’s life How the pandemic affected Dan’s interaction with […]

Episode 63: Ron Wrobel

In this episode we speak with fan Ron Wrobel. He’s a long-time fan who enjoys the lighter side of Star Trek. I hope you enjoy this conversation! Topics Being a […]

Episode 61: Abby Sommer

In this episode we speak with lifelong Star Trek fan, teacher, mom, and podcaster Abby Sommer. Topics Star Trek since Middle School Living with pre-empted TV The Starfleet Academy fleece […]

Episode 60: Paul Mattingly

In this episode we speak with improv actor, podcaster, and former cast member at the Star Trek: The Experience Paul Mattingly. Topics The King’s Island Theme Park and Paul’s first […]

Episode 59: Tongtong Bu

A conversation with Star Trek fan Tongtong Bu, also known as @Captain Pike-a-chu from Twitter! In this one, she tells us of being a child immigrant to the US and […]

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