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Episode 92: Star Fan Spectacular

A Special Episode! In this one we do a collaboration with the hosts of “What Does Star Wars Mean to You?” A podcast that covers the exact same topic as Trek Profiles, but from the Star Wars perspective.

Dave and Elora with Droids.
These are the Droids you are looking for!


  • What is even happening?
  • Podcaster histories
  • To engage or not to engage in the debate
  • Are we Switzerland?
  • Did the Star Wars fandom feel like a Boy’s Club years ago?
  • Liking the Clone Wars is controversial
  • That 80’s upbringing
  • Now that’s a Hot Take on Rey
  • Check out the sports fandom for a contrast
  • We are the delicate nerds over here, leave us alone!
  • John’s series on New Star Trek Fans (Episodes 75, 69, 57, 53, 48, and 41)
  • Social media and fandom
  • Roman Archaeology, and how it applies to social media
  • Formats: how they are alike and different
  • Over 900 episodes of Star Trek
  • Don’t recap!
  • How do we get guests
  • John does not like it when prospective guests compare themselves to other guests – Episode 69 with Rahim Buford and Episode 79 with Stephanie Gerk
  • Why spend the time? Are we the crazy ones?
  • What we get out of it
  • How do we feel about Bonus Material?
  • Mystery Comic Book Bags
  • How do we grow our shows?
  • What did we learn about Star Wars?
  • Remember when the fans owned it?
  • Views have moderated
  • Thinking about Captive Pursuit
  • Star Wars Hot Topics
  • Star Wars “Legends”
  • It’s a perfectly cromulent show
  • It’s Five for the Force!
  • Yes, John did make a Sci-Fi mashup movie in Super8 as a kid
  • The Kobayashi Maru
Elora and Dave at the theater, watching The Phantom Menace



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