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Episode 79: Stephanie Gerk

In this episode we speak with the writer, podcaster, nurse, and Star Trek fan Stephanie Gerk.

Headshot of Stephanie Gerk giving the Vulcan Salute
Stephanie Gerk


  • Peak Star Trek podcasting
  • Admiral Ackbar knows it’s not a trap
  • No gatekeeping
  • Making it through the books and games too
  • The novels can get wild
  • Not knowing about 90’s Trek until the 2000s
  • The “purists”
  • Watching all of Trek through the pandemic
  • More aliens, please. Head ridges & nose bumps too.
  • You will be forced to play baseball against the Niners
  • Las Vegas is weird
  • Stephanie is scared of Trekkies
  • The story of the con-goers
  • Reedpop: Epic Fail
  • The Killing Time controversy
  • The Star Trek Comic Book discussion
  • Getting scarred by Wrath of Khan as a child
  • Growing up in Canada, Star Trek was limited in availability
  • Generations caused a TNG backlash in my guest’s mind
  • Spock’s Brain inspired an interest in science
  • Star Trek is ridiculous and that’s ok
  • That viewscreen shot
  • The Horta gave my guest nightmares
  • Canon chat
  • Podcast Extravaganza Part 1
  • McCoy and Spock are the blue-shirted heroes
  • My guest wants to be the McCoy of her generation, minus the grumpiness
  • The Nursing School Dean definitely thinks Stephanie is cool
  • Much like Nog, my guest had to go against her family’s wishes
  • Steph has PTSD due to her family’s abusive history with her
  • My guest only saw a doctor once in her entire youth
  • Star Trek raised my guest
  • Stephanie stans Rom
  • “Star Trek has got my back,” says Steph
  • Trek raised my guest
  • My interview with Jenée Fowler, who escaped a cult by watching Star Trek
  • My guest was a hospital nurse when COVID-19 hit
  • Steph was Jake
  • My guest talks about what it was like as a nurse to make life or death decisions under limited time with very sick patients during the Pandemic
  • Stephanie describes how death may occur from COVID-19
  • A harrowing tale about one night when there were too many patients who needed a limited number of ICU beds
  • Once again, Star Trek to the rescue
  • My guest cannot rewatch the episode
  • Stephanie is in treatment for her PTSD from working as a COVID nurse
  • Star Trek has been the bestest of friends for my guest
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Medical Researcher at the Central Hospital of Altair IV
  • From the Bonus Material
    • Starbase 118 play by email RPG
    • Discussion about Poutine and BC, Canada
    • Apologies for peak Star Trek life
    • Title controversies
    • Questions are permitted
    • Podcasting Extravaganza is 10 hours and 3 parts
    • Hockey talk
    • Stephanie wonders why she picked Spock’s Brain
    • Post-recording wrap-up
      • What is lettuce, anyway?
    • Podcasting time lag is real
    • John opines on A+ Trek Profiles content
    • Star Trek Cruise
    • Thank you, Steph

Episodes Discussed

  • Doctor’s Orders (Novel)
  • Killing Time (Novel)
  • A Stitch in Time (Novel)
  • Wrath of Khan (Movie)
  • Generations (Movie)
  • Spock’s Brain TOS S3E01
  • The Devil in the Dark TOS S1E26
  • Miri TOS S1E08
  • Facets DS9 S3E25
  • Nor the Battle to the Strong DS9 S5E04
  • It’s Only a Paper Moon DS9 S7E10
Stephanie at Nursing School Graduation wearing her Star Trek Delta pin



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