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Episode 78: Eric Christopherson

In this episode we speak with Star Trek fan Eric Christopherson.


  • Coming into the fandom as a kid
  • Blame Dad
  • Voyager was the way in
  • Birthdays are great, but I need to be home by 8 to watch Trek
  • Watch Status: Complete
  • Why are you podcasting with me?
  • Spousal toleration
  • Giant Picard Heads
  • Convention chat
  • Easy Halloween Trek costumes
  • The SciFi Club at School
    • The Outer Limits: The Zanti Misfits
    • None of the kids had seen a single episode of Star Trek
  • Explorers and the Sisko/Jake relationship
    • Thinking of Dad
  • More Power vs More Brains
  • The Anti-Tech Utopia message in Star Trek
  • John gets a little meta
  • Everyone is capable and it’s nice to see it sometimes
  • When Star Trek punches you right in the feels
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Elementary Temporal Mechanics Teacher at Utopia Planitia School
The giant Picard head and the ENT sculpture.

Episodes Discussed

  • Children of the Comet SNW S1E02
  • Explorer DS9 S3E22
  • Booby Trap TNG S3E06
  • Arena TOS S1E18
  • Lower Decks TNG S7E15
  • Memento Mori SNW S1E04
  • The Elysian Kingdom SNW S1E08
  • The Visitor DS9 S4E02
  • Star Trek Generations (Movie)
Eric’s Star Trek Collection


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Eric and crew podcasting


  • These are the Voyages podcast
  • The podcast Twitter is here
Eric & Spouse in the Lower Decks Style.