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Episode 77: Ross Webster

In this episode we speak with the Podcaster, Comic-Book Fan, and Trekkie Ross Webster about his Star Trek fandom.

Image of Ross Webster dressed as a Klingon
Ross Webster, as a Klingon


  • Growing up with Trek in the UK
  • A Ben Sisko poster on the wall
  • UK Star Trek experience as a kid… BBC2
  • The scandalous move of Star Trek to channel 4 in the UK
  • “Fortunate Son” made them all quit Enterprise
  • Season 4 of Discovery was a problem in the UK and Ross hasn’t seen it yet. He blames Alex Perry.
  • Live-Tweeting tasks
  • Recruiting the family into Star Trek
  • Star Trek Comics Collection
  • Comics 365
  • Action Figures too
  • Variant covers variable
  • Autograph stories
  • The actor does not care about your collecting stories sometimes
  • Destination Star Trek Shenanigans
  • License free convention advantages
  • We are not normies
  • The power of Star Trek Twitter compels you…
  • SnapTrek origin story
  • Ross is jealous of mad poetry skills
  • A most unusual choice of episodes for Valentine’s Day
  • Writing for magazines
  • Aphasia appears
  • Chuft Captain Confusion
  • Owning only the Animated Series on DVD
  • Larry Niven: A Sci-Fi Legend
  • Consistent world building is not a part of Star Trek
  • Tommy Westphall Hypothesis
  • Check out some of the Star Trek connections to the Westphall universe
  • Roman origins of Memento Mori
  • Gripes about language in the show
  • The Klingon Language Institute is the place to learn your tlhIngan Hol
  • The password slot machines trope
  • The monkey copyright case
  • Variant Comics Covers
  • Can’t get Star Trek Lego
  • Captain Pike and Ross’ first lecture
  • Nana liked Rogers & Hammerstein, Star Trek, and John McClane
  • Prequel/Sequel and the related issues
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Chief of the Speech Pathology Division at the Starbase 416 Medical Research Facility
  • From the Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • Babel DS9 S1E5
  • The Slaver Weapon TAS S1E14
  • Memento Mori SNW S4E01
  • Elementary, Dear Data TNG S2E03
  • Star Trek: X-Men Crossover Comics
  • Star Trek: First Contact (Movie)
  • Regeneration ENT S2E23



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