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Contribute to Trek Profiles

Do you think you can craft one or more awesome Kobayashi Maru lightning round questions? Now you can submit your questions and maybe make it on the show.

One of the longest running features on the show has been the Kobayashi Maru lightning round. It’s 5 multiple-choice questions that our guest has to answer in real time on the show. After each episode drops, I tweet out the questions so Twitter Tweeps can have their say.


To be considered, it has to meet the following rules:

  1. A question has to be able to fit into a tweet (280 characters)
  2. Two or three possible answers
  3. The best questions will not have an obvious answer
  4. The questions can be “In-Universe” or outside, but they must be Star Trek-related
  5. You have to submit either via Twitter DM or via email or via my feedback form. If you publicly share the question, we won’t consider it. Part of the joy of the lightning round is that the guest never has any idea what the questions might be.
  6. You are free to mix shows and eras, even in the same question
  7. Obscure and bizarre Star Trek references are welcome
  8. While the questions can be trivial, we don’t want trivia questions

Examples of Past Questions

All of these are questions from past episodes, to give you a flavor of what they look like.

  • Coffee with Janeway or Tea with Picard?
  • Choose your disrupter brand: Klingon or Romulan?
  • If you were stuck inside a Star Trek episode, which would be worse? The Savage Curtain or Code of Honor?
  • Have a big old slice of Cellular Peptide Cake with Mint Frosting or ride the train to Vertiform City?
  • What’s for lunch?  Ferengi Slug Steaks or Cardassian Taspar Eggs?
  • Queens to Queen’s Level three or Queen to King’s Level one?
  • You are a new Starfleet Engineer! Choose your first assignment: Impulse Engine Operations or Transporter Repair?
  • Gilbert & Sullivan in the turbo-lift or Kassellian opera in the sickbay?
  • Get that cheese to sickbay or No Blah Blah Blah?
  • Pick a uniform: The DSC Blues or the Monster Maroons?
  • Time for a snack! Green shake with extra green or a Jumja stick?

How to Send me your Questions

You can use the contact form on this website.

You can email me.

You can DM me on Twitter.