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Episode 89: Mike Chen

In this one we speak with the author and Star Trek fan Mike Chen about his fandom experience.

Mike Chen


  • Star Trek Wars
  • Secret Fan Fiction
  • The Dog of War comic
  • Watching the TOS movies more than TOS
  • The first Star Trek
  • First Contact accelerated his embracing of the fandom
  • The Holy Trinity: Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who
  • A brief mention of the Star Wars Holiday Special (Apologies to all)
  • Some disappearing streaming episodes
  • “The Home of All Star Trek” that is not
  • Mike would find a nebula with that coffee in it
  • Tee shirt collections
  • 80’s Cool Kids had painted back panels on denim jackets
  • Your host does the “Risk is our Business” speech from TOS
  • Convention experiences
  • An article on the Star Trek Experience Wedding Packages
  • A brief diversion on anime: Subs vs Dubs
  • One of Mike’s biggest regrets
  • A quick appreciation of Downton Abbey
  • The benefits of the streaming economy and how it has affected storytelling
  • Sisko doesn’t really get to have fun that much
  • Space Corgis
  • Mike shares the greatest thing he ever wrote, in his opinion
  • My guest thinks Picard S3 is one of the most amazing things
  • Praise for Star Trek: Resurgence
  • The power of Kate Mulgrew reading the Janeway autobiography
  • Prodigy as the gateway to the Trek fandom
  • Kids have to wait for new episodes
  • Title Awarded: Starboard Nacelle Watch Officer on the USS San Jose
  • From the Bonus Material
Mike’s Mug Collection

Episodes Discussed

  • Lower Decks TNG S7E15
  • Take Me Out to the Holosuite DS9 S7E04
  • Imposters PIC S3E05
  • Blink of an Eye VOY S6E12
  • The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway (Audiobook)
  • Lost & Found PRO S1E01 & E02
  • Data’s Day TNG S4E11
Mike’s Niners Gear


The cover of Mike’s comic “The Dog of War”


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Portions of the Kobayashi Maru Lightning Round questions in this episode were written by listener Peter Wolchak.

Background photo by Saksham Gangwar on Unsplash