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Episode 88: Mary Faulds

In this one we speak with Mary Faulds, a Star Trek fan whom we met through TikTok.

Mary Faulds


  • It all started in 2003
  • Being thirsty for Wesley
  • After TNG, getting introduced to Voyager
  • Future Farmers of America & 4H
  • The monthly VHS subscription service for watching Star Trek
  • Introducing the kids to Star Trek
  • The kid likes Badgey
  • Attending Mission: Chicago
  • Being introduced to Gorn
  • TrekTok, the Star Trek community on TikTok
  • Janeway is the favorite
  • The Lower Decks photo
  • Cosplays get attention
  • Future convention plans
  • Your host got banned
  • The spouse did not approve of the family cosplay ideas for Halloween
  • 8 Star Trek Uniforms and 1 Orville
  • Band “The Cure
  • My guest finds her Mother’s Heart
  • We discover a lie!
  • Who is the biggest JC shipper?
  • Did the deed occur?
  • Vulnerability
  • Being thirsty for Janeway
  • Opinions on “Delete the Wife”
  • Relationships with a hologram that one can program
  • Major Kira started as a Vedek Winn supporter
  • My guest has a change in her religious beliefs as mirrored in the episode In the Hands of the Prophets
  • Learning to be open to other’s experiences
  • Your host defends Vedek Bariel again
  • Did Chakotay get too close to the Krennim?
  • Risk in the face of ambiguity
  • Picard is the badmiral
  • Parallels between Year of Hell and my guest’s relationship with her ex
  • Chugging a White Claw during the show
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Arboretum Designer at the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Yards
  • From the Bonus Content
    • A pic of the Replicator Coffee Tee Shirt (not mine)
    • Steak-Umm Twitter
    • Wendy’s Twitter
    • Radio Shack Twitter
    • The story of why my guest got blocked on Twitter by a Star Trek showrunner
    • My guest is not a Brony
    • Your host noticed a mistake in Star Trek: Picard and got scolded on Twitter
    • Mary did not like Star Trek: Picard
    • The story of why we had to move the recording date -my guest had an emotional crisis
    • My guest does an amazing Gowron impersonation
    • Unreleased episodes
    • A few minutes on Star Trek: The Animated Series
    • My guest appears on an ABC news story on niche TikTok communities
    • All about Television Without Pity
    • The story of how the showrunner for My Name is Earl put the website in his show in the most meta way
Mary, cosplaying as Jennifer, getting pushed out of the way by Tawny Newsome

Episodes Discussed

  • Real Life VOY S3E22
  • Resolutions VOY S2E25
  • The Forsaken DS9 S1E17
  • Counterpoint VOY S5E10
  • In the Hands of the Prophets DS9 S1E20
  • Year of Hell VOY S4E08 & S4E09
Mary & her kids


Image of a woman as a blue Andorian in a Star Trek Lower Decks uniform
Mary Faulds as Jennifer the Andorian from Star Trek Lower Decks


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