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This page will generate a random Star Trek episode every time you refresh it. It includes all movies, all episodes, and all Short Treks. It does not include the Very Short Treks though. It’s been updated with all episodes released through May 30, 2024.

A Completely Random Choice

This could be any movie, episode, or Short Trek in our database.

Unification IIIDiscovery 3x07 11/26/20

Random Star Trek: The Original Series

This also includes the pilot The Cage. Also, The Menagerie Parts I and II are separately included.

Court MartialOriginal Series 1x14 2/2/67

Random Movie

This includes all TOS, TNG, and Kelvin films.

Star Trek III: The Search for SpockMovie 3xTOS 6/1/84

Random Star Trek: The Animated Series

All 22 episodes are included.

Once Upon a Planet70s Animated Series 1x09 11/3/73

Random Star Trek: The Next Generation

There are 176 entries. Encounter at Farpoint and All Good Things are listed as single episodes.

The Best of Both Worlds Part INext Generation 3x26 6/18/90

Random Deep Space Nine

There are 173 entries. Emissary, The Way of the Warrior, and What You Leave Behind are listed as single episodes.

Profit and LaceDeep Space 9 6x23 5/13/98

Random Voyager

There are 168 entries. Caretaker, Dark Frontier, Flesh and Blood, and Endgame are listed as single episodes.

InvestigationsVoyager 2x20 3/13/96

Random Star Trek: Enterprise

There are 97 entries. Broken Bow is listed as one episode.

Chosen RealmEnterprise 3x12 1/14/04

Random Star Trek Discovery

There are 65 entries.

Kobayashi MaruDiscovery 4x01 11/18/21

Random Short Trek

There are 10 entries.

Ask NotShort Treks 2x03 11/14/19

Random Star Trek: Picard

There are 30 entries.

Et in Arcadia Ego Part IPicard 1x09 3/19/20

Random Star Trek: Lower Decks

There are 40 entries.

In the Cradle of VexilonStar Trek Lower Decks 4x03 9/14/23

Random Prodigy

There are 19 entries. Lost & Found is counted once.

MindwalkProdigy 1x18 12/15/22

Random Strange New Worlds

There are 20 entries.

Under the Cloak of WarStrange New Worlds 2x08 7/27/23