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Episode 87: Jessie Earl

In this episode we speak with the prolific content creator Jessie Earl.

Jessie Earl


  • Starting as a fan early
  • The Star Trek Nemesis audio book was the way in
  • Stealing Dad’s CDs
  • Dad started my guest with the TNG DVDs
  • When Enterprise gets “good”
  • Taking friends to see 2009
  • The vast number of Trek books
  • Screener access… does it change the viewing experience?
  • Convention experiences, starting with SDCC
  • Being a LOST nerd and the Hall “H” Experience
  • A brief diversion on LOST
  • Flip phone disaster at SDCC
  • A Shout-Out to the Babylon 5 First podcast
  • Jessie’s Babylon 5 podcast (amongst other things too)
  • Larry Nemecek aka Dr Trek
  • The “Sex & Star Trek” cover from the Star Trek Communicator
  • Mission Chicago reminiscences
  • First STLV experiences
  • Cosplays and uniforms
  • Spotted Giraffe the cosplayer
  • On becoming a content creator
  • Announcement for Jessie’s film, Identiteaze
  • Tom Hardy appreciation, and you should watch him in the film Locke
  • Lower Decks has the characters that we would be in Starfleet
  • Earnestness and kindness
  • Jessie’s Tendi theories
  • Queer temporality
  • Worf analysis
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Editorial Manager for the Federation News Service

Episodes Discussed

  • Star Trek Nemesis (Audiobook)
  • Star Trek (Film, 2009)
  • Spock vs Q (Audiobook)
  • wej Duj (LWD, S2E09)
  • Something Borrowed, Something Green (LWD, S4E04)
  • Ad Astra per Aspera (SNW, S2E02)
  • Change of Heart (DS9, S6E16)



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Some portions of the Kobayashi Maru lightning round questions in this episode were written by listener Peter Wolchak. If you’d like to submit questions for possible inclusion on the show, you can send me a message via Twitter or email me. I give some suggestions on good questions here.

Background photo by Henning Witzel on Unsplash