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Episode 86: Peter Wolchak

In this episode we speak with the life-long Star Trek fan and serious collector Peter Wolchak.

Peter was kind enough to share some photos of his collection with us below. But you should visit his site for a great deal more including articles and even more photos.

Peter Wolchak Headshot
Peter Wolchak


Episodes Discussed

  • Corbomite Maneuver TOS S1E02
  • They Way to Eden TOS S3E20
  • Shore leave Comic, Issue 46 (DC, 1988)
  • Demons/Terra Prime ENT S4E20 & S4E21
  • Deadly Years TOS S2E11
  • Prodigy – All the World’s a Stage PRO S1E13



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Peter Wolchak & William Shatner
Peter Wolchak & William Shatner