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Episode 43: Katie Nickolaou

In this episode we speak with Meteorologist and Trek fan Katie Nickolaou. She’s known for her stealthy Trek cosplay and her weather reporting on KMEG-14 in Sioux City, Iowa.

Katie Nickolaou's Stealth Q Cosplay
Katie’s Stealth Q Cosplay
Katie's Raatings for Star Trek episodes
Teen Katie kept ratings of all of the episodes.


  • Middle School bulling
  • Anxiety as a kid
  • Katie’s highlighter ranking system
  • BBC America isn’t the BBC
  • How to tackle Star Trek when there is so much to watch
  • Streaming vs original broadcast
  • Star Trek Lower Decks reactions
  • What drew Katie into Star Trek
  • The science in Star Trek and how it affected Katie
  • Katie’s Survivor Audition
  • Stealth Star Trek cosplay
  • Mini-Spock and the TARDIS
  • First convention experience
  • Katie’s date with Chase Masterson
  • Collecting Trek scripts & autographs
  • Surviving the Game movie
  • The holodeck would primarily be a training tool
  • What ever happened to the Iotians?
  • Macedonia & Scotland
  • Katie’s first holodeck program
  • Katie’s ideas for the best and worst weather planets in Star Trek
  • Filk music
  • What it all means
Katie’s Fandom Forecast

Episodes Discussed

  • Gambit TNG S7E04 & E05
  • Best of Both Worlds TNG S3E26 & S4E01
  • Worst Case Scenario VOY S3E25
  • Trials and Tribble-ations DS9 S5E06
  • Let He Who Is Without Sin DS9 S5E07
  • Sub Rosa TNG S7E14
Katie’s Star Trek Art
Painting of the Enterprise leaving orbit from an orange planet
Katie’s painting of the USS Enterprise


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Chief Atmospheric Scientist at the Federation Terraform Command

Background photo by Joseph Ngabo on Unsplash