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Episode 42: David Majors

In this episode we speak with David Majors, a prolific podcaster with multiple shows about anime, wrestling, music, and of course Star Trek.

Headshot of David Majors
David Majors


  • David’s earliest Star Trek memory
  • John’s Star Trek mysteries
  • Air Force guard duty and the show
  • Checkov as an engineer
  • Canonical references to Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • David does not binge on episodes
  • Q threw the first punch
  • All Star Trek on the H&I Channel
  • Dr Noor’s Star Trek episode picker
  • Motor City Comic-Con
  • Wish, David’s choice for his uniforms
  • The Promenade Merchant’s Podcast (Apple or Google)
  • The American Film Institute’s Top 100 List
  • The BlackPink YouTube rabbit hole
  • David is excited for Star Trek: Prodigy
    • Space Cases, a show David feels might be an inspiration
  • David feels a connection to B’Elanna Torres
  • Struggles for mental wellness
  • The cutting phenomena
  • Theology and science in the Family Pike
  • David’s specific criticism of Star Trek Discovery
  • Luddites in the world of Star Trek
  • Seeing the Federation as it is
  • Deep Space Nine as the tool to examine Star Trek and the Federation
  • Putting the Saurian Brandy into the Root Beer
  • David on The Full Gowron
  • Nationalism/Planetism as the basis of Klingon motivation
  • Reflections on T’Kuvma and his brand of Klingon politics
  • David doesn’t want to vacation on Risa, he would rather visit Qo’noS
  • The importance of Vulcan emotion & the Sword of Damocles
  • The Galaxy Quest documentary
  • David’s feelings about the Damar character
  • The US Grant documentary
  • David’s relationship with his older sister
  • Star Trek as part of David’s life
  • Feelings about the Trek fandom generally
David Majors getting assimilated by the borg
David Majors getting assimilated by the Borg

Episodes Discussed

  • Best of Both Worlds TNG S3E26
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Extreme Risk VOY S5E03
  • New Eden DSC S2E02
  • Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges DS9 S7E16
  • Control (novel)
  • Redemption TNG S4E26
  • Gravity VOY S5E13
  • Frame of Mind TNG S6E21
  • The Sacrifice of Angels DS9 S6E06
  • If Memory Serves DSC S2E08
David Majors and Ethan Peck
David Majors and Ethan Peck


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Special Federation Envoy to Cardassia Prime

Background photo by Alex Brisbey on Unsplash