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Episode 41: Salwa Mohammed Noor

In this episode we speak with Salwa, a brand-new Star Trek fan who only discovered the show a couple of months ago and is watching several shows all at once. We talk about what drew her into Trek, as well as her experience as a new fan in Malaysia.



  • On being a fan for just two months
  • On being peripherally aware of Star Trek as a kid
  • How Salwa decided to watch an episode for the first time
  • The Planet of the Apes and The Cage
  • Watching multiple Star Trek shows at once
  • Thoughts on viewing order and a possible heresy
  • TOS: Salwa’s thoughts
  • How TNG differs from TOS
  • Teamwork as portrayed in Star Trek
  • Doctor McCoy’s appeal
  • Star Trek Enterprise feels “homey”
  • Salwa finds Discovery accessible and identifies with it
  • Thoughts on the Star Trek Enterprise theme
  • The Transformers (1980’s cartoon and modern films)
  • Salwa’s viewing status and plan from here
  • Possible items for Salwa’s collection
  • Malaysia as seen in Star Trek
  • Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
  • Kota Bharu, Malaysia
  • Geordi’s Leadership skills
  • Salwa opines on Commander Shelby
  • The global appeal of Trek
  • Harlan Ellison on the original story of City on the Edge of Forever
  • The City on the Edge of Forever Original Screenplay by Harlan
  • The mystery of Gary Seven
  • The backdoor pilot
  • Reactions to episodes and how they change over time
  • John’s preposterous Data theory
  • A “Happily Ever After” for Doctor McCoy?
  • Burham’s original family
  • The glories of podcasting & the wonders of technology
  • Salwa enjoys the diversity of the show
  • John issues a challenge to Salwa
  • From the Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • The Cage (Pilot) TOS S0E01
  • The Man Trap TOS S1E05
  • The Arsenal of Freedom TNG S1E21
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Vaulting Ambition DSC S1E12
  • Best of Both Worlds TNG S3E26 & S4E01
  • Mirror, Mirror TOS S2E04
  • City on the Edge of Forever TOS S1E28
  • Assignment: Earth TOS S2E26
  • The Child TNG S2E01
  • The Offspring TNG S3E16
  • For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky TOS S3E10
  • Perpetual Infinity DSC S2E11

Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Mirror Universe Historian for the Memory Alpha Library complex

Background Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash