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Episode 32: Podcasting Extravaganza Part I

This is my special two year Podiversary Extravaganza, part 1 of 3. To celebrate this milestone, I invited former guests back on the show to interview me about which episodes/movies/books from Star Trek were most meaningful to me! Because of the fun and wide-ranging discussions, I will be bringing you these interviews over three episodes.

In this first one, Bill Smith from the TrekGeeks Network and I discuss my Star Trek story and my history as a fan. Next we have Jenn Tifft from SnapTrek who will be covering the TOS episode The Galileo Seven. Then Rob Chapman of the Trek Book Club stops by to cover one of my favorite Star Trek novels, The Final Reflection. Next is Heather Kirby from the Promenade Merchant’s podcast who joins me for a fun discussion about The Motion Picture. And finally Duncan Barrett from the Primitive Culture podcast and I talk about Carbon Creek.


  • Segment One – John’s Trek Story – Bill Smith
    • WPIX Channel 11 “Pix Games”
    • Saving TNG’s “All Good Things” for over 20 years
    • Mission Log Podcast
    • Live Tweeting Star Trek on Twitter
    • Mark Lenard as the Romulan Commander in TOS and as Sarek
    • Neil Young and his crusade against digital audio
    • FASA Star Trek RPG
    • FASA Starship Combat Game
    • Fan Made tech manuals (Photos below)
    • Shop LLAP Spock Art
      • Spock Art from Shop LLAP
    • Bob Peak TMP Poster
      • The Original Bob Peak art for Star Trek The Motion Picture
    • December 1991 Playbill Patrick Stewart (See images below)
    • Hotel Penta/Hotel Statler/Hotel Pennsylvania – first conventions
    • Leonard Nimoy’s poetry readings
    • Star Trek Bridge Model Kit
    • Enterprise Refit Model
    • Star Trek Las Vegas Convention
    • John’s Cosplay as a Follower of Lokai (Picture below)
    • The Trek Profiles Origin Story
  • Message from Carlos Miranda
  • Segment Two – The Galileo Seven – Jenn Tifft
    • Alternative opinions on the same episodes
    • Trek Profiles vs. Trek therapy
    • John’s Personal Mission Statement at Work
    • Leadership styles from leaders and from workers
    • Contrasting Kirk and Spock’s Leadership Styles in the episode
    • Who would Spock have left behind?
    • Spock’s failure to involve Yeoman Mears
    • Are Vulcan’s really logical?
    • The remastered version of this episode
    • The sound design of the episode
  • Segment Three – The Final Reflection – Rob Chapman
    • Novel Overview
    • John Ford’s Legacy and Notoriety
    • The novel as world-building
    • Klin Zha and the Reflective Game
  • Segment Four – The Motion Picture – Heather Kirby
    • The state of Star Trek in the 1970’s
    • Movie overtures
    • The feeling of wonder in.the film
    • The difficulties of actually trying to operate a Starship
    • The conflation of the movie and the novelization
    • The politics of Starfleet
    • Kirk and Bones in the film
  • Message from Tim Sandefur
  • Segment Five – Carbon Creek – Duncan Barrett
    • The Captain’s Bar tie-in novels
    • What happened to Mestral?
    • The innocence and wholesomeness of the episode
    • The refreshing variety of Vulcans
    • Similarity between Suk Doctors from the Dune series and Vulcans
    • Vulcans lying in the show
    • The inappropriate nature of Archer’s inquisition of T’Pol
    • A very confident episode
    • The danger of repetition on Trek Profiles… overblown or not an issue?
    • Primitive Culture #63, where your host and Duncan discuss life on a submarine
  • From the Bonus Material
    • Link to the Star Trek: Engage podcast where your host plays in the Star Trek Spelling Bee and wins! Jump to 30:55 if you want to skip right to the spelling bee.
Image of John the host on the set of Let's make a deal
John’s cosplay as a “Follower of Lokai”

Playbill from Patrick Stewart’s “A Christmas Carol”

Some of John’s Star Trek Collection

Episodes Discussed

  • Segment One – John’s Star Trek Story
    • Blood Fever VOY S3E16
    • Pathfinder VOY S6E10
    • One Small Step S8E08
    • Balance of Terror TOS S1E14
    • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Segment Two – The Galileo Seven TOS
    • Virtuoso VOY S6E13
  • Segment Three – The Final Reflection (1984)
  • Segment Four – The Motion Picture – Heather Kirby
    • Explorers DS9 S3E22
  • Segment Five – Carbon Creek – Duncan Barrett


Background photo of Las Vegas by Ryan Hafey on Unsplash