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@JESilverstein @KRADeC Love it. Apropos of this topic, I recently finished re-reading the entire original (six) Dune books and in the 6th book it’s confirmed that the Jews are still around in the many 10’s of thousands of years in the future when Dune takes place. Big part of the story too. 🖖🏻
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@m_solvera Peter David is excellent. Enjoy it!
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@BatlethBabe I’m in one of those photos! 🤩🖖🏻❤️
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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 33: Podcasting Extravaganza Part II


Episode 33: Podcasting Extravaganza Part II

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This is my special two year Podiversary Extravaganza, part 2 of 3. To celebrate this milestone, I invited former guests back on the show to interview me about which episodes/movies/books from Star Trek were most meaningful to me! Because of the fun and wide-ranging discussions, I will be bringing you these interviews over three episodes.

You can go back and listen to the first one if you haven’t heard it yet.

In this one, I talk with Dan Davidson of the TrekGeeks about the novel Yesterday’s Son. Then Aly Martinez, the 24-year-old-Trekkie herself speaks with me about It’s Only a Paper Moon. My friend Amy Nelson and I take on Homeward from TNG and then my dear friend Shashank Avvaru and I have a chat about the classic TOS episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.


Episodes Discussed

  • Segment One – Yesterday’s Son – Dan Davidson
    • All Our Yesterdays TOS S3E23
    • Journey to Babel TOS S2E10
    • Star Trek novel Imzadi
  • Segment Two – It’s Only a Paper Moon – Aly Martinez
    • 11001001 TNG S1E15
    • Hollow Pursuits TNG S3E21
  • Segment Three – Homeward – Amy Nelson
    • Star Trek: Insurrection
  • From the Bonus material
    • Remembrance STP S1E1
    • STP Countdown Comics
    • Encounter at Farpoint TNG S1E01


Background photo of Nevada by Kuldar Kalvik on Unsplash

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