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@Jennerosity The fam and I will be on a bit of a road trip. We are looking forward some board games ideas to bring. Do you have any recommendations? My kid is 12.
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@Arsenic82 Only the toaster is loyal! (This tweet is satire.)
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Of these, which is the best *Klingon* episode? Heart of Glory, Affliction, or The Vulcan Hello? I asked my guest Jimmy, on ep 48 and he picked ❤️of Glory. As is always the case in my lightning round questions, no fill-in-the-blanks allowed! 🤪🖖🏻
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@RealSuzieP You’ve bean cancelled.
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About Me

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 31: Anika Dane


Episode 31: Anika Dane

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In this episode we speak with Anika Dane. She’s a writer, cosplayer, and podcaster. Anika has a long and fascinating Star Trek story that I hope you will enjoy!


Episodes Discussed

  • Balance of Terror TOS S01E08
  • The Galileo Seven TOS S01E13
  • Obsession TOS S02E18
  • Family TNG S04E02
  • Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
  • Hard Time DS9 S4E19
  • Extreme Risk VOY S03E03
  • The Defector TNG S03E10
  • Mosaic (Voyager Novel)
  • Ensign Ro TNG S05E03
  • Preemptive Strike TNG S7E24
  • Devil in the Dark TOS S01E26
  • Children of Mars (Short Trek 2020)
  • Far Beyond the Stars DS9 S06E13
  • Year of Hell VOY S04E08 and E09
  • The War Without, The War Within DSC S01E14
  • Lower Decks TNG S07E15
  • The B’Elanna Torres Trilogy: Faces (VOY S01E14), Extreme Risk (VOY S03E03), and Lineage (VOY S07E12)
  • Countdown Comics for Star Trek: Picard (IDW 2020)
  • Dark Frontier VOY S5E17
  • From the Bonus Material


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Ship’s Counselor for the USS Challenger

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