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Episode 40: Kimberly Lawler

This episode’s guest is Kimberly Lawler. In this one, we talk about how Kimberly experienced Trek as a young girl, her several fandoms, plus we get a legal interpretation of some of her favorite Star Trek episodes.

Image of Kimberly Lawler
Kimberly Lawler


  • Kimberly is not a completist & refuses to commit
  • The status of Kimberly’s out-of-sequence Voyager watch-through
  • Kimberly opines that Star Trek: Picard would not be a good one to watch first
  • On being fully spoiled on all the Star Trek
  • Recruiting the children into the fandom
  • The correct beverage for recording Trek Profiles
  • John surprises Kimberly with a random Tuvix question
  • Shakespeare, Classical Music, and TNG
  • Classical music in Bugs Bunny
  • On being a Fanfic author (See Kimberly’s collected works here.)
  • What happened to all of Kimberly’s baby-sitting money
  • About the Usenet group alt.startrek.creative
  • Web version of the Usenet group
  • The site
  • The Trekiverse site
  • The prevalence of adult themes in fanfic
  • Kimberly’s first convention experience
  • Does Picard follow the Prime Directive to anti-humanitarian conclusions?
  • John’s opinions on Homeward are discussed here
  • Don’t look at the universe of Star Trek too closely
  • How do we allocate Picard’s wines? 
  • Kimberly’s favorite character
  • The perspective of an Admiral versus a Captain
  • Viewing the Federation more broadly
  • Is Starfleet a meaningful representation of Federation society?
  • John wants to see more of Commander Shelby
  • Did Riker get complacent?
  • Kimberly applies Riker’s situation to her own career
  • The concept of Missing Scenes fanfic
  • Some fans feeling ownership of the show
  • Picard’s friendship with Guinan and Beverly
  • Opinions on the propriety of Beverly & JLP in a relationship  
  • Which character in all of Trek does Kimberly most identify with?
  • Sub Rosa as an episode is not and will not be discussed
  • Where is Beverly in Star Trek: Picard?
  • Tom Clancy novels
  • Kimberly is fascinated with Captain Jellico
  • Thoughts on the torture scenes in Chain of Command
  • John and Kimberly have both read and recommend Gulag: A History
  • Discussion of Kimberly’s Fanfic Kintsugi, in which Gul Madred and Picard meet again
  • Maybe Picard does have a hubris problem?
  • The use of Classical Music in Star Trek
  • The upcoming Dune remake
  • Beverly’s understated reaction to Wes’ predicament
  • The concept of Duty
  • Sir Thomas More
  • The novel The Lords of Discipline
  • The Devore are bad, but probably realistic
  • The practical ethics of telepathy in Star Trek
  • The legal proceedings in Author, Author and Kimberly’s opinions on them
  • The responsibilities of an author
  • The concept of a person in statutes
  • Judicial minimalism and the realism it portrays
  • John puts Kimberly on the spot with legal questions under Federation law  
  • Navy Familygrams
  • The Memory Alpha page for Author, Author has a hilarious reference
  • Kimberly was not a fan of Judy Blume or Saved by the Bell; she only had interest in Star Trek
  • Kirk vs Picard
  • There is no Dana, only Zuul
  • Moral Relativism in Picard, versus as seen in Kirk
  • Prior guest Tim Sandefur’s thoughts on ethics in TOS
  • Examining the politics in DS9 as seen in Duet
  • Cardassians are Kimberly’s second favorite
  • On being challenged by Picard as a synth… what does it mean for the character?
  • The Mind/Body problem
  • Aristotle & Aquinas
  • Kimberly’s thoughts on Star Trek novels generally
  • Getting away from Star Trek and then getting back into the fandom
  • On being a person of faith and a Star Trek fan
  • From the Bonus Material
Image of Kimberly Lawler with Star Trek actor Mark Lenard
Kimberly with Mark Lenard

Episodes Discussed

  • Tuvix VOY S2E24
  • Attached TNG S7E08
  • Hide and Q TNG S1E10
  • Imzadi, Novel
  • Reunion, Novel
  • Q Squared, Novel
  • Homeward TNG S7E13
  • Survivors TNG S3E03
  • I Borg TNG S5E23
  • A Private Little War TOS S2E16
  • Best of Both Worlds Parts 1, 2, and 3 TNG S3E26, S4E01 & E02
  • Attached TNG S7E08
  • The Perfect Mate TNG S5E21
  • Symbiosis TNG S1E22
  • Ethics TNG S5E16
  • The Last, Best Hope, Novel
  • Chain of Command, S6E10 & E11
  • Sarek TNG S3E23
  • Cause and Effect TNG S5E18
  • The First Duty TNG S5E19
  • Counterpoint VOY S5E10
  • Author, Author VOY S7E20
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Duet DS9 S1E19
  • Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 STP S1E10
  • New Eden DSC S2E02
Image of Kimberly Lawler with George Takei
Kimberly Lawler with George Takei


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Counsel General for the Federation Diplomatic Corp

Background photo by Annie Maher on Unsplash