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Is NOTHING sacred? Please stay this madness. 😱 (Please note I did not do an “inconceivable” joke here. I will now…
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Since the topic of Battlestar Galactica is in the news, it’s a great opportunity to mention this *incredible* fanfi…
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About Me

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Are you on Spotify?

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Great news! If you prefer to get your podcasts on Spotify, you can now get Trek Profiles there. Here is a direct link. Background photo courtesy of Tinh Khuong on […]

Cast your Vote!

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So I’m running a contest! In episode 18 with Aly, we had speculated the existence of a Neelix Cookbook, and as it turns out, this is real! So I’m running […]

Just a Brief Update!

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We launched Trek Profiles in early March. Right from the beginning I promised an episode monthly. Here’s how we are doing so far. Episode Number Release Date Days Elapsed 1 […]

Going live tonight!

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Feel free to visit my Facebook page tonight for a Facebook Live event. I’ll be talking a bit about what I’ve learned about Star Trek fans from doing the podcast […]

Hard at work

Even when a new episode isn’t in your feed, it doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work! Even though it’s spring break and your humble host is on a bit […]

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