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Major Updates and Some News

Well I think I am overdue for a status update since there have been some big changes behind the scenes here on the podcast.

I posted on Twitter last week that I was making Trek Profiles an independent podcast and separating it from Tricorder who had hosted it. I am appreciative of them for an amicable parting that will allow a graceful transition for the subscribers. They had to do some technical things to assist and they have been very helpful. There are some notes at the end of this post about your podcast subscriptions, if you want to see if any action is required for you to keep getting the show without interruption.

In moving the podcast, a lot of technical changes were required, and a lot of work is still ongoing. This is mostly invisible to all of you, but it has to be done. I had to set up a legal entity, find a new home for the podcast feed, and then resubmit it to all the usual places where people get podcasts. If you want to keep up on the latest places, please check the How to Listen page, which I will update as new platforms are added.

One of the biggest delays that might interest you as a listener is that I had episode 23 completely finished and ready to launch. But given the changes with the network, I have to re-cut it and change the intro around and add a new end-card. So, this will take a week or so, since I have so many other technical things I have to complete first.

What’s not changing is that I am 100% focused on bringing you interesting and fun interviews with more Star Trek fans about their fandom. There are no plans to do advertisements or crowdfunding, or Patreon support or anything like that.

One thing I haven’t decided about is what to do with the extended cuts of some of my early episodes. Originally, they only went out to Patreon supporters of the network. Now, they will be unavailable in the short term until I figure out what to do. Going forward, I may occasionally do bonus episodes or add outtakes to the end of the podcasts. I’m unsure as of yet. Feel free to message me or post on Twitter or Facebook if you have opinions or suggestions on this.

I still have four episodes in post-production and I’m getting even more people lined up for interviews and I plan to stick to a roughly three to four-week release cycle once I get everything established after the move.

Podcast Subscription Changes

  • If you were directly subscribed to my standalone podcast, you should automatically get new episodes with no action required. I think this is the most likely case for most subscribers.
  • If you were getting Trek Profiles as part of the master “firehose feed” from Tricorder, you must subscribe to my podcast individually if you wish to keep getting the show. Check the How to Listen page for the necessary links.
  • If you listen via Apple podcasts or Google podcasts, you should also be automatically migrated.
  • For those of you that use services such as Spotify, TuneIn, iHeart, and others, I have submitted the podcast to many of them. I suspect you will not get automatically migrated, but the new shows will be posted there. Depending on the service, you might have to search and re-add it. As I get new services approved, I will add them to the How to Listen page.

Thank you for your support and listenership! I have been and always shall be your friendly podcast host…


Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash