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Episode 44: Noah Averbach-Katz

We are cross the streams on this episode of Trek Profiles. Our guest is Noah Averbach-Katz who is not only a life-long fan, but also an actor who appeared in the show. Noah and I discuss his personal Star Trek journey, as well as his feelings about being cast and what it’s like to see the fandom from both sides. As always, our guest talks about which episodes were most personally meaningful to him and why they are special.

Professional Headshot of Actor Noah Averbach-Katz


  • Kobayashi Maru contest – find the rules here
  • The Deep Space Niners hat that Noah likes
  • Noah’s San Francisco Giants bobble
    • Image of a USS Enterprise NCC-1701 bobble-head
  • Ryn and Book framed photo
    • Image of characters Book and Ryn along with Star Trek badges
  • About the props and sets
  • Early convention experiences
  • Hoping to experience a convention from both sides
  • D&D gaming with the DSC cast
  • The Juilliard School
  • What’s an acting slate?
  • John first saw Mary as Trinity the Clown on Baskets
  • The impact of Star Trek on culture and people
  • Noah on The Good Fight as Aaron Fowler
  • The prosthetics experience
  • Andorians in general and how Ryn is a bit different
  • Reflections on various Star Trek alien species
  • The influence of Jeffrey Combs as Shran
  • John discusses Leadership lessons from The Galileo Seven on Trek Profiles 32
  • The Ur-Andorian
  • Noah’s Star Trek crash course for Mary
  • How Tilly complements Saru’s style
  • Shooting in Iceland
  • How the fan experience changed for Noah since being on the show
  • Audience expectations for modern TV
  • Noah discusses his acting experiences with Mary
  • Discussion on Admiral Vance: Hero or Zero?
  • Our guest is challenged to say why Trek matters to him
Noah in character as Ryn with a Guitar Hero guitar
Ryn discovers an element from the past

Episodes Discussed

  • Carbon Creek ENT S2E02
  • The Offspring TNG S3E16
  • Scavengers DSC S3E06
  • The Galileo Seven TOS S1E16
  • The Andorian Incident ENT S1E07
  • Trekkies (Movie, 1997)
  • The Measure of a Man TNG S2E09
  • Far from Home DSC S3E02


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Captain of the Honor Guard at the Wall of Heroes on Andoria

Background Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash