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Episode 45: Olivia Anko

In this episode we speak with Olivia Anko, a newer Star Trek fan from the UK. While being aware of Trek, she only got into the show a few years ago and also has amassed quite a following on Twitter with her episode live-tweeting.



  • Deciding to watch Star Trek “ironically” in 2018
  • Viewing order discussion
  • Thoughts on where a new viewer should start with Star Trek
  • Twitter was the gateway to Discovery
  • Comparing the three incarnations of TV Trek: Gene, Berman, and Kurtzman
  • Why live-tweet?
  • Olivia’s dream collector’s item
  • Attending Destination Star Trek
  • Olivia met Ethan Peck
  • Convention regrets
  • The Vulcans are shady and sassy
  • On being a sincere fan of TNG’s Masks
  • The occasional absurdity of TOS made it appealing
  • Memory Alpha, in general
  • Olivia will debate you on Masks
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture awards
  • John’s family movie night
  • Models vs CGI
  • The TOS Blu-Rays
  • Olivia finds Garak compelling
  • Star Trek episodes that were banned in the UK
  • Dukat is the Anti-Garak
  • Olivia demands that people warn her about episodes in advance
  • Discovery is not as absurd as TOS and Olivia misses that
  • Threshold was not nearly as weird as The Thaw
  • Trek is the perfect amalgamation of things Olivia needs
  • Image of the Deep Space Nine Promenade Directory

Olivia & Ethan Peck

Olivia with Ethan Peck at Destination Star Trek

Episodes Discussed

  • Deadlock VOY S2E21
  • The Andorian Incident ENT S1E07
  • Masks TNG S7E17
  • Star Trek: TMP
  • Civil Defense DS9 S3E07
  • The Thaw VOY S2E23


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Judge Advocate General at Starbase 47

Background Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash