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Episode 76: Cristian Fox

In this episode we speak with the podcaster, YouTuber, and Trek TikTok personality Cristian Fox about his Star Trek fandom.

Cristian Fox


  • Being a lifer
  • Who needs the Disney films?
  • Star Wars Theory is an inspiration
  • Being a content creator in real time can be tough
  • Generate insightful comments on demand
  • The State of the Trek
  • The Toy Collection
  • Your host can’t remember the term “oenophile.”
  • The Star Trek Wines are pretty good
  • Everyone needs a comfort shuttlecraft
  • First STLV
  • A Tuvix Bonding Moment (Sorry)
  • Star Trek costumes
  • Third-grade Phaser follies
  • Conflict resolution as a job influenced by Star Trek
  • Serendipity pity
  • Poems and Body Horror in the same package
  • The perfectly organic Star Trek burrito
  • Starfleet and the Federation – are they to same?
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Vedek of the Janalan Order
  • From the Bonus Material
    • The Star Trek Cruise
    • Viral Tweet
    • Faith of the Heart and the faithless
    • Bally’s vs The Rio
    • Todd Stashwick on the Star Trek Cruise
    • Men’s fashion chat & metrosexuality
    • Flip the episode and have a think
    • Later prequels affecting the original shows
    • Most & least fashionable Star Trek men


  • Birthright Part II TNG S6E17
  • Gambit TNG S7E04 and E05
  • Frame of Mind TNG S6E21
  • Schisms TNG S6E05
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  • Call to Arms DS9 S5E26



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Background photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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