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Episode 75: Mark McGinnis

It’s another in my occasional series with new Star Trek fans. In this one I speak with fitness fanatic Mark McGinnis about how he recently discovered Star Trek and is now working his way through the entire show.

Mark McGinnis


  • Strange New Worlds was the gateway Trek
  • The Halo show made it happen
  • John makes a terrible pun that should generate a groan or two
  • Possible getting lost in the timeline?
  • Watching Star Trek on the go
  • Remasters, Director’s Cuts, FX, oh my!
  • Viewing order shenanigans
  • TNG season one has some bangers!
  • Mark identifies a theme
  • Characterization in TOS vs TNG
  • Even more on viewing order
  • Release and chronological order
  • A possible idea for Stardate viewing order
  • Who is the audience for Lower Decks?
  • Finishing up one of the Trek series evoked a feeling
  • Star Trek on the GameBoy
  • Retro Star Trek gaming
  • STO gets a shout-out
  • So many Trek novels
  • John talks (too much, as usual) about the history of the fandom
  • Human greatness come from human flaws, according to my guest
  • Spock’s logic is broken?
  • General Order 24 is unbearably dark. What kind of society would even have such a thing?
  • Live streaming the Russian invasion of Ukraine
  • Reflections on Lucifer’s pecs
  • Immortal beings show up in Star Trek quite a bit
  • Limitations lead to creativity
  • Mendez mendaciousness
  • The Talosians bring epistemological questions
  • Deity-level powers appear in Trek a lot too
  • Power vs responsibility
  • Human potential is key to understanding the appeal of Trek
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Holodeck Fitness Program Designer for Starfleet Medical


  • The Changeling TOS S2E3
  • A Piece of the Action TOS S2E17
  • A Taste of Armageddon TOS S1E23
  • The Magicks of Megas-Tu TAS S1E8
  • The Menagerie TOS S1E11
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before TOS S1E3


Mark has a fitness channel on YouTube. He makes playlists of video game music for workouts! Follow him there to get swole.


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Background photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

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Some portions of the Kobayashi Maru lightning round questions in this episode were written by listener Adam Saunders. If you’d like to submit questions for possible inclusion on the show, you can send me a message via Twitter or email me. I give some suggestions on good questions here.