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Episode 74: Brianne Leeson

In this episode we speak with the podcast creator and comic book fan Brianne Leeson about her Star Trek fandom, her autism and ADHD and why those diagnoses led her to discover some things about why she loved the show.

Photograph of Brianne Leeson
Brianne Leeson


  • Dad recording the show on VHS
  • Setting the alarm for Star Trek
  • Star Trek is background noise for life
  • Working at the comic book shop led to a collection
  • The Prisoner of Vega kid’s book
  • Brianne’s Star Trek tattoo
  • Autism diagnosis
  • Convention hopes and plans
  • The Starfleet Backup Emergency Halloween costume
  • Brianne’s podcast Today’s Lucky Winner
  • Trek influences from a young age
  • Data tried to human and Brianne identified with the struggle
  • Trek inspires aspiration
  • Growing up in a fundamentalist household
  • The friendships we deserve
  • The Trek Profiles episode with Jenée Fowler
  • Using a Star Trek episode to explain autistic behavior
  • LaForge & Data as a model of friendship
  • Autistic Masking
  • The Star Trek sandbox
  • Peanut Hamper polarization problems
  • Seeing ADHD and Autism reflected in the show
  • Seven’s Bi-Sexuality was a beacon
  • The two-minutes hate for Seven’s parents
  • Lizard Baby Predictions
  • From the Bonus Material
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Head writer for the 24th century reimagining of Dixon Hill for the Holodeck


  • Peak Performance TNG S2E21
  • The Measure of a Man TNG S2E09
  • Data’s Day TNG S4E11
  • The Elysian Kingdom SNW S1E08
  • Body and Soul VOY S7E07



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Background photo by Dan Dennis on Unsplash