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Episode 80: Brad LeBaron

In this episode we speak with the podcaster Brad LeBaron about his Star Trek fandom and how the show helped him overcome some issues he had as a younger man.

Brad LeBaron


  • There was never a time without Star Trek
  • Migrating for the cheese
  • That’s Dad’s thing
  • Pre-empted by Sports
  • Comfort Food
  • Jumping around in the rewatch
  • Leaving Netflix was a problem
  • Not watching the new until caught up
  • Sister Mel is the one who is pushing Brad to get caught up
  • The Swiss Cheese model of viewing Star Trek
  • Solo Star Trek viewing
  • Movie and conventions were a family affair
  • Trek on the home screen
  • John’s Live Tweeting Rules
  • Brad likes Earwolf
  • Tawny Newsome appreciation
  • The mysterious Starfleet Academy show
  • A Star Trek family
  • Thinking your Dad was Data, but realizing he’s Worf
  • Being a Pastor’s Kid too
  • Secret family members are a Star Trek thing
  • Lore is hilarious & fun
  • Not sure about who are the favorite characters
  • When you realize that you are the Data character
  • Maybe Data had emotions all along
  • Tom Hardy appreciation, but he was wasted in Nemesis
  • Tom Hardy in Locke (Trailer)
  • Brad loves and hates the Ferengi
  • Romantic storylines in DS9
  • Brad has social anxiety
  • John watched Derry Girls
  • Brad regrets some of the opinions he held when he was a younger man
  • Piglet & Jack the Ripper
  • John’s interview with Maggie McNeill, who made him think of the episode in a new way
  • The rewatch never stops
  • Star Trek Enterprise and 9/11 for Brad
  • Anxiety as part of the character
  • Toxic Spirituality
  • Start Star Trek anywhere, is John’s advice
  • The optimism and importance in the culture of Star Trek
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Composer for the upcoming Captain Proton Rock Opera
  • Bonus Material
    • Gene’s Vision was very horny
    • Fandom in the 1970s
    • Denim jacket back panel painting was the thing in the 1980’s
    • John used to work with the world’s biggest KISS fan
    • Concept Album Discussion
      • KISS and The Elder
    • Culver’s is for the Mid-West
    • In and Out Burger protein style burgers are superior
    • Brad likes King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    • Learning audio? You need to appreciate Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative

Episodes Discussed

  • New Ground TNG S5E10
  • Datalore TNG S1E13
  • Little Green Men DS9 S4E07
  • It’s Only a Paper Moon DS9 S7E10
  • Rejoined DS9 S4E05
  • Wolf in the Fold TOS S2E14
  • The Xindi Arc, ENT S3
  • An Obol for Charon DSC S2E4



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