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Episode 81: Vean Chevalier

In this episode we speak with Star Trek Fan Vean Chevalier


  • Watching TNG while sitting on the floor
  • DS9 didn’t land the first time around but Voyager did
  • The “Blinking 12” problem
  • Seven and T’Pol’s outfits put my guest off the shows a bit
  • Vean liked Benedict in Star Trek: Into Darkness
  • Is it Star Trek or Game of Thrones?
  • Lower Decks is a hit
  • John thinks Picard is essentially three different shows
  • Collecting the Voyager magazine
  • Captain’s Logs, the reference book
  • The Observation Deck watch parties
  • First STLV memories
  • “Queening Out” on Picardo
  • Fan to working with Star Trek talent
  • “Screen ready” cosplay is a challenge
  • “Low-Key” cosplay
  • Family Dynamics
  • tumblr culture
  • The woobification (definition) of Garak
  • Daniel Dae Kim appreciation
  • John’s guest spot on Alienating the Audience
  • Family history affects my guest and how she relates to some episodes
    • Mentions of emotional abuse, PTSD, suicidal ideations
  • Aron Eisenberg remembrance 
  • Getting scared via the Twitter
  • That’s not how we work
  • John’s interview with Stephanie
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Lecturer on Interspecies Veterinary Medicine at the Science Institute on Hekaras II

Episodes Discussed

  • In the Pale Moonlight DS9 S6E19
  • Blink of an Eye VOY S6E12
  • Waltz DS9 S6E11
  • Ties of Blood & Water DS9 S5E19
  • Latent Image VOY S5E11
  • Only a Paper Moon DS9 E7E10



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