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Episode 82: Jamie McGregor

In this episode we speak with the Star Trek fan Jamie McGregor. When he’s not indulging in his love of Trek, you’ll find him enjoying some Sammy Davis Jr, officiating at Rugby events, or watching the NY Jets football team.

Image of Jamie McGregor wearing a "Sisko's Creole Kitchen" hoodie while standing on a scenic overlook.
Jamie McGregor


  • In the mid-1990’s discovering Star Trek late at night
  • Australian Star Trek syndication was random
  • Video Ezy was the place
  • An early memory of Star Trek
  • Eight cassettes was the minimum
  • Racing the other Trek fans to grab the cassettes
  • Recruiting the family into Trek
  • Jamie failed to get into Enterprise
  • STLV 2017 was a pretty big event for my guest
  • Australian Trek conventions were pretty small
  • The Holodiction C&D Drama
  • The DS9 documentary started a bunch of things
  • Talking yourself into the convention
  • Winning a Star Trek Cruise?
  • Comparing & contrasting the Con and the Cruise
  • Jamie has a low-key T-Shirt cosplay game
  • Podcasting history – Formula One
  • The Shore Leave Podcast
  • Technical Difficulties
  • Undercover Trekkie Camp Counselor
  • Star Trek VI has timeless themes
  • The original Adlai Stevenson II quote “Don’t Wait for the Translation”
  • Saavik theories
  • Thinking about Trek
  • Clip from the 1963 movie Cleopatra where she puts her hand in the basket
  • Don’t touch the Janeway Bun
  • The Science vs the Experience
  • Benny has a trial and Sisko learns a lesson
  • Jamie has a special artwork
  • DiscoTrek helped connect Jamie into the fandom
  • John’s interview with Barry
  • How much is the right amount of serialization in Trek?
  • Chaos on the Bridge part deux
  • A brief diversion on the reboot of Twelve Monkeys
  • The one thing about Deep Space Nine that Jamie can’t handle
  • Is Julian a jerk for how he treats O’Brien?
  • My guest is a Wesley and Wil fan
  • Everyone in 10 Forward would be on Space TikTok
  • Owning a VHS tape of Death Wish & Dreadnought
  • The Q as a mirror for the very mission of all Star Trek
  • Captains get the episodes they deserve
  • James Darren’s This One’s from the Heart
  • My guest falls in love with Jazz vocals and the regrettable NY Jets
  • Do they fear Ira?
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Owner and Operator of the Intergalactic Parrises Squares Referee School on Rigel IV
  • Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Movie)
  • Sacred Ground VOY S3E07
  • Far Beyond the Stars DS9 S6E13
  • Magic to Make the Sanest Man go Mad DSC S1E07
  • Rivals DS9 S2E11
  • The Game TNG S5E06
  • The Big Game DS9 Novel
  • Death Wish VOY S2E18
  • His Way DS9 S6E20



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