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Episode 83: Rob Norman

In this episode we speak with the actor, comedian, improv artist, and Star Trek fan Rob Norman

Rob Norman


  • CityTV made him do it
  • Star Trek TNG is about Dads, my guest says
  • The TNG S2 parenting issue
  • TOS was too scary
  • Crave is not craving Star Trek in Canada
  • Viewing status
  • Toronto convention experiences
  • A friend makes it ok to like Star Trek
  • Comics and books were the main thing
  • Putting the collection away
  • Star Trek sick burn, my guest has fears
  • Bad Dog Theatre in Toronto
  • STLV Secondary and Tertiary theaters have the weird stuff
  • Star Trek Improv Fail
  • A bit on our interview with Paul Mattingly from the Star Trek Experience
  • Star Trek is the background music for creative endeavors
  • Picard Dad issues
  • Coast to Coast AM
  • Good Dad/Bad Dad
  • Giving up Star Trek to be “cool”
  • The VHS tapes of glory
  • Memorizing episode titles
  • The episode with the best quotes…
  • The movie Sliding Doors
  • TNG rarely celebrates risk-taking
  • Starfleet is far away?
  • Becoming a step-dad
  • The kid was not interested in Trek
  • Prodigy was the way in
  • My guest’s Dad was a Patrick Stewart clone
  • The alternative Picard ending
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Field Operative for Betazoid Intelligence
  • Bonus Material
    • A little on the Star Trek Cruise
    • A diversion on Star Wars

Episodes Discussed

  • Bloodlines TNG S7E22
  • Pegasus TNG S7E12
  • Tapestry TNG S6E15
  • Remembrance PIC S1E01
  • Best of Both Worlds TNG S3E26, S4E01, S4E02
  • Kobayashi PRO S1E06


  • Rob’s IMDB page
  • Rob’s Twitter is here


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