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Episode 60: Paul Mattingly

In this episode we speak with improv actor, podcaster, and former cast member at the Star Trek: The Experience Paul Mattingly.

Casual headshot of Paul Mattingly
Paul Mattingly, improv actor, podcaster, and former cast member at Star Trek: The Experience


  • The King’s Island Theme Park and Paul’s first gig as a Klingon
  • Reminiscences about TNG
  • A bit of history on the ill-fated Paramount theme park initiatives
  • Jobs of the Future!
  • It wasn’t always easy to catch up on old Trek before streaming
  • Favorite Captain theories
  • Klingon revisionism bothers Paul
  • Everybody ends up in the Federation
  • Paul realizes he must get over himself
  • John is of the opinion that DSC rejected its own premise intentionally
  • Quick discussion of the current state of animated Trek
  • How do you pronounce Mugato?
  • A little bit of chat about The Orville
  • Secret tips for preventing head sweat in your eyes while wearing prosthetics
  • Another secret for making that flesh tone look good while in alien makeup
  • About Star Trek: The Experience
  • Moving across the country just to work as a Star Trek performer
  • The Groundlings improv group in Los Angeles
  • Second City and Paul’s experiences with the Las Vegas location
  • Moments that stand out from the floor at the Experience
  • Ventriloquist Ronn Lucas
  • Make the original versions of the drinks from the Star Trek: The Experience
  • Remembering Omni Magazine
  • The Language Lab CD-ROM that was included in Star Trek: Klingon
  • Working in Star Trek while bring a fan
  • That one time someone tripped up Paul while in character
  • John specifies one of the most disturbing moments in TOS for him
  • The wealth of Klingon backstory in Trek
  • Love for Klingon Chef
  • On the idea that too much FX can hinder rather than help
  • The “AR Wall” in use
  • When Trek performers from the show would go to the Experience
  • The immersive experience at the Star Trek Tour in Ticonderoga, NY
  • On the long and glorious history of the Star Trek reset button
  • Klingon revisionism
  • Comparing Star Trek to Spiderman
  • The fans need to grow too
  • John recommends Live-Tweeting episodes
  • Struggles in the ENT episode Damage
  • Should Trek use old favorites or create new ones, when it comes to aliens?
  • Paul has a soft spot for buddy episodes
  • Appreciating Michelle Forbes
  • Michael Chabon’s background documents for Star Trek: Picard
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Headliner at the Chuckle Hut on Risa

Episodes Discussed

  • The Undiscovered Country (Movie, 1991)
  • wej Duj LWD S2E09
  • Yesteryear TAS S1E02
  • Day of the Dove TOS S3E11
  • Year of Hell VOY S4E08-09
  • Blood Oath DS9 S2E19
  • The Next Phase TNG S5E24
A cartoon image of Paul Mattingly in a Star Trek uniform
A Star Trek homage from the Ice Cream Social podcast page



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