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@themattschorr It’s an energy field. ⚡️😆
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Time to put away the synthehol and drink the real stuff with friends! Do you turn up the rock and roll on the jukebox and drink tequila with Zefram Cochran & Troi, or sing old English folk songs and drink whisky with O’Brien & Bashir? @AshleyVRobinson on ep 62 picked whisky!
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@AltruisTom Perfectly acceptable. 🥰🖖🏻
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About Me

About Me

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 61: Abby Sommer


Episode 61: Abby Sommer


In this episode we speak with lifelong Star Trek fan, teacher, mom, and podcaster Abby Sommer.

Headshot of Abby Sommer
Abby Sommer


  • Star Trek since Middle School
  • Living with pre-empted TV
  • The Starfleet Academy fleece
  • Abby is a nitpicker and she’s not apologetic about it
  • Judicious collecting
  • Borg Advent Calendar
  • Owning a Spock Helmet
  • A weird Geordi mug
  • Handing down the Trek toys to the kids
  • Looking forward to Mission: Chicago
  • Convention plans
  • Bringing the kids into the fandom
  • Connecting with the fans
  • The police recognize the Trek fan in the wild
  • Abby’s Trek watching procedure (Warning: Nit Picking)
    Image of Abby's name in the Nitpicker's guide
  • About the Star Trek wines
  • First Flight Podcast origin story
  • The Top 5 Buzzer Beaters episode of Trek Ranks, Abby’s first podcast experience
  • Abby thinks Enterprise is due for a resurgence
  • Putting yourself out there as a Star Trek fan
  • John struggles with disliking some Trek episodes “in public”
  • Don’t act like a pineapple
  • Mariner is the Anti-Hero
  • Work and Life balance in Starfleet
  • Discussion of the ethics in Enterprises’ Similitude
  • T’Pol and Phlox steal the show in ENT
  • So much eating in ENT
  • Welcome to the Federation. Here is an artichoke.
  • Are we the Vidiians?
  • Generations is a Christmas movie?
  • Enjoying Picard as a man who is no longer the Captain
  • Abby’s favorite Sisko GIF
  • Previous discussion of Imzadi in episode 26 with Alexandra August
    Picture of Abby's well-worn Imzadi book and her metal IDIC bookmark
  • Respect for Peter David
  • Treating Beverly with care and with friendship
  • An impassioned reflection on Sub Rosa
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Educationalist at the Starfleet School on the Lunar One Colony
The Tuvok “No-No Finger”

Episodes Discussed

  • Imzadi novel, 1992
  • Parallels TNG S7E11
  • Crisis Point LDS S1E09
  • Similitude ENT S310
  • Calypso (Short Trek)
  • Future’s End Part I & II VOY S3E08 & 09
  • Innocence VOY S2E22
  • Generations (1994)
  • Our Man Bashir DS9 S4E10
  • Sub Rosa TNG S7E14
  • Ep name 3CODE S2E05


Pez dispensers


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