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- 2 hours ago

I’m doing the final edit on the latest episode and suddenly I’ve got a major software update for all my devices. I’m definitely doing the update now! 🤪
h J R

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@Jester_NeNe Of course you should see it. Make sure you are watching the recently updated edition. 😇🖖🏻
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- 12 hours ago

@BadSocialism John, any time you watching the show, keep a tally of how many times “Starfleet” and the “Federation” are conflated. It’s something that once you notice it, you can’t stop seeing it. These terms are not supposed to be synonyms, but the show often seems to try for that.
h J R

- 1 day ago

Perpetually horny Riker in this novel was unforgettable! 😆
h J R

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 62: Ashley Victoria Robinson


Episode 62: Ashley Victoria Robinson


In this episode we speak with actor, podcaster, and writer Ashley V Robinson about her Star Trek fandom, how she discovered Trek, and what she loves about the show.

Ashley at the Vasquez Rocks


  • Trying out YouTube as a young actor
  • The Red Shirt Diaries
  • and Collector Trekkie
  • The Expanse and Wes Chatham
  • Does working within Star Trek world affect our fandom?
  • MSN groups
  • Convention experiences
  • Considering 2022 STLV
  • RuPaul’s DragCon
  • Starter Star Trek
  • Ashley critiques some viewing choices
  • Acting skills in Star Trek
  • Dropping the F-Bomb on Conner Trinneer
  • Catfish & Plasma
  • Props to Jolene Blalock
  • A crush on Julian Bashir
  • The limitations of doing sci-fi on the screen
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Lead Holo Writer for the Federation Recreation Division
Ashley V Robinson

Episodes Discussed

  • Arena TOS S1E19
  • Far Beyond the Stars DS9 S6E13
  • Similitude ENT S3E10
  • First First Contact LWD S2E10
  • Star Trek (Film, 2009)
  • The Lives of Dax 1999 Novel



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