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Episode 62: Ashley Victoria Robinson

In this episode we speak with actor, podcaster, and writer Ashley V Robinson about her Star Trek fandom, how she discovered Trek, and what she loves about the show.

Ashley at the Vasquez Rocks


  • Trying out YouTube as a young actor
  • The Red Shirt Diaries
  • and Collector Trekkie
  • The Expanse and Wes Chatham
  • Does working within Star Trek world affect our fandom?
  • MSN groups
  • Convention experiences
  • Considering 2022 STLV
  • RuPaul’s DragCon
  • Starter Star Trek
  • Ashley critiques some viewing choices
  • Acting skills in Star Trek
  • Dropping the F-Bomb on Conner Trinneer
  • Catfish & Plasma
  • Props to Jolene Blalock
  • A crush on Julian Bashir
  • The limitations of doing sci-fi on the screen
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Lead Holo Writer for the Federation Recreation Division
Ashley V Robinson

Episodes Discussed

  • Arena TOS S1E19
  • Far Beyond the Stars DS9 S6E13
  • Similitude ENT S3E10
  • First First Contact LWD S2E10
  • Star Trek (Film, 2009)
  • The Lives of Dax 1999 Novel



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