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Episode 63: Ron Wrobel

In this episode we speak with fan Ron Wrobel. He’s a long-time fan who enjoys the lighter side of Star Trek. I hope you enjoy this conversation!



  • Being a listener of the show makes Ron a bit nervous
  • Ron’s house has a Ready Room
  • Gatekeeping in general
  • Early in life Star Trek fandom
  • A temper-tantrum in the National Air & Space museum
  • The various incarnations of Captain Pike
  • The weight of Command on Pike
  • The concepts of “work” and “home” don’t apply on a Starship
  • We all forget so many episodes
  • The Trekkies movie put Ron off on the convention idea for a while
  • The Shore Leave podcast helped out
  • Getting over Las Vegas
  • “One and done” is a joke
  • Convention scheduling is a futile exercise
  • John wonders about how many times one can see the same panel
  • TrekRanks and the Top Five Scenes in a Turbolift episode
  • Photo Ops are the thing
  • Collecting Quark
  • An Avery Brooks autograph
  • An authenticity discussion
  • A few thoughts on the Star Trek Cruise
  • Being with someone who isn’t a fan
  • Cosplay appreciation – Tholian and Pike Chair
  • Being a Facebook Admin for a Star Trek group
  • Voyager left it handing
  • Star Trek revisionism
  • Canon discussion
  • A theory on the Romulan psyche
  • The joy of low stakes in a Star Trek episode
  • Sanitized history in the holodeck
  • Dinnae light the candle!
  • A forceful defense of Move Along Home
  • A brief diversion into the novel Solaris
  • What do aliens want?
  • Interpreting history via artifacts
  • EMH Speculation
  • Doing too much in an episode
  • Kes defense
  • The complexities of Pike
  • Do we have stories of how we got to the Prime Directive? Where are the stories of the destroyed civilizations that we caused?
  • The Enterprise is an airport Marriott
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Chief Assistant Xeno-Mixologist for 10 Forward

Episodes Discussed

  • Caretaker VOY S1E01
  • Remembrance PIC S1E01
  • The Last Best Hope (Novel)
  • Badda-Bing Badda-Bang DS9 S7E15
  • Rascals TNG S6E07
  • Sub Rosa TNG S7E14
  • Move Along Home DS9 S1E10
  • Living Witness VOY S4E23
  • Author, Author VOY S7E19
  • New Eden DSC S2E02
  • Forget Me Not DSC S3E04