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Episode 84: Karin Nordin

In this one we speak with the Scandinavian Crime Noir Author, TikToker, and Star Trek fan Karin Nordin.

Karin Nordin


  • TikTok and the pandemic
  • Cosplay prep
  • An hour per eyebrow
  • The IKEAN Vulcan harp
  • “7 of 9 day”
  • The TrekTok community
  • Hoisin Sauce
  • Karin singing as Spock singing as Bilbo
  • First and almost last Star Trek experience
    • The Harrison Ford Exception
  • What’s a Blockbuster?
  • Bee Kind, Rewind!
  • It was all very blue…
  • Faking sick and ending up at an insurrection
  • Leveraging the crafty Mom…
  • Ice skating patterns
  • Is it cool to be a nerd now?
  • Tribute for the Picard Salsa dance moves
  • How to watch Trek in the Netherlands
  • Scandinavian Noir Crime Fiction
  • Star Trek influences
  • Fanfic confessions
  • A fanfic challenge to the listeners…
  • The FASA Star Trek miniatures
  • Starship Tactical Combat Simulator game
  • The novel Killing Time
  • Leonard’s visit and my guest’s regret
  • The best movie theater to watch Star Trek
  • Family cosplay, best cosplay!
  • Anton recollections
  • What the Federation is like
  • The Vulcan School Principal did a lot with a little
  • Zora? Who?
  • The Star Trek IV Meal Kit
  • Fanfic tie-ins
  • Appreciation for Joanne Linville
  • Where does the Romulan Commander go?
  • Admiring the craft in “Stitch”
  • Forging a connection with Stepdad
  • Choosing not to join Starfleet
  • The “Bad Art Friend” story
  • Bonus Material
    • This is a re-recording. The first attempt at recording failed due to a technical issue.
    • Dutch Mayonnaise
    • Food in toothpaste tubes?
    • The story of the Death Valley Germans
    • The Loneliest Road in the US
    • The “Skanties” tweet
    • Are the TOS dresses also called Skants?
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Holonovel Writer for Broht & Forrester
7 of 9 Cosplay

Episodes Discussed

  • The Motion Picture (Movie)
  • Star Trek Insurrection (Movie)
  • Short Treks (Series)
    • Children of Mars
  • Star Trek IV (Movie)
  • Mirror, Mirror TOS S2E04
  • The Enterprise Incident TOS S3E02
  • A Stitch in Time (Novel)
  • Explorers DS9 S3E22
Karin as Pike, with the correct hair altitude!


Spock cosplay with the IKEA Harp


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Trill cosplay