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Episode 48: Jimmy McShane

We are continuing our series of interviews with new Star Trek fans. In this one, we interview Jimmy McShane who only recently discovered the show and became a fan.

Also, it’s time for my annual charity drive, so if you’d like to show your support for the show, please consider a donation to our favorite charity: The Children’s Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease. You can read about this charity here. And in episode 34 i talked about why I chose this charity and what it means to me.

Jimmy and a canine friend


  • What are the qualifications to be a Star Trek fan?
  • An outsider’s view of fans
  • A bit on the X-Files and Millennium
  • Chaos on the Bridge documentary
  • Thoughts on death in Star Trek
  • Watching in Star Date order
  • Do we need Star Trek movies?
  • Jimmy cosplayed Trek before he had even watched the show
  • Does the concept of the Tholian Web even make sense?
  • The ever-changing Klingons
  • Is Bev Crusher a maligned character?
  • Michael Pillar’s story pitch rules
  • A diversion about Bob Ross
  • The Bajoran/Cardassian conflict as a story-telling backdrop
  • Wishing for more Torres & 7 in Voyager
  • Discussion about recasting Spock
  • The Star Trek cruise
  • Little universe syndrome
Jimmy’s cosplay before he was even a fan!

Episodes Discussed

  • Tholian Web TOS S3E09
  • The Savage Curtain TOS S3E22
  • Remember Me TNG S4E05
  • The Darkness and the Light DS9 S5E11
  • Duet DS9 S1E19
  • The Void VOY S7E15
  • Forge/Awakening/Kir’Shara ENT S4 Episodes 7, 8, 9
  • If Memory Serves DSC S2E8


  • Jimmy and his friend are launching a podcast called Pop Culture Historians. You can follow them at the links below.

Kobayashi Maru

Some portions of the Kobayashi Maru lightning round questions were submitted by listener Abby Sommer. If you would like to submit Kobayashi Maru questions for possible inclusion on a future episode, see the rules here.

Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Chief Tribble Exterminator on planet Qo’noS

Background photo by Kelsey Dody on Unsplash