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Episode 47: Diane Carey


Episode 47: Diane Carey

body of water

In this episode we speak with the noted and Best Selling Star Trek author Diane Carey. She’s written over 50 books including Battlestations! and Dreadnought.

Diane Carey


  • Starcon in Detroit
  • Early experiences in the fandom
  • Getting started as a writer
  • Breaking all the rules in Star Trek publishing
  • Story about the cover art
  • Mining one’s life for content as an author
  • Nautical experience informing Star Trek writing
  • Justified
  • Convention experiences
  • Collections
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Hamlet
  • The interior lives of Star Trek characters
  • Rewriting a novel & being open to feedback
  • About the destruction of the ship model on Battlestar Galactica
Sumo the Dog

Episodes Discussed

  • Dreadnought! (Novel)
  • The Enemy Within TOS S1E04
  • Devil in the Dark TOS S1E25
  • Attached TNG S7E08
  • Space Seed/Wrath of Khan TOS S1E22 & Movie
  • Star Trek: Into Darkness (Movie)


Kobayashi Maru

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Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Writer in Residence at the Pennington School

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