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@themattschorr It’s an energy field. ⚡️😆
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Time to put away the synthehol and drink the real stuff with friends! Do you turn up the rock and roll on the jukebox and drink tequila with Zefram Cochran & Troi, or sing old English folk songs and drink whisky with O’Brien & Bashir? @AshleyVRobinson on ep 62 picked whisky!
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@AltruisTom Perfectly acceptable. 🥰🖖🏻
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About Me

About Me

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 57: Abigail Glover


Episode 57: Abigail Glover



  • Growing up in a “Star Wars” household
  • The Kelvin Timeline as an intro to Trek
  • Abs gets a personal Star Trek Mentat as a guide
  • The TOS movies as a next step
  • Star Trek and trying to sort out a viewing order
  • What is Lake Sumter Live?
  • The old game Red Shirts
  • Red Shirt death analysis
  • John dunks a little on Stuart Baird
  • A bit on October Sky and West Virginia
  • Getting talked out of being an Aerospace Engineer
  • Abs discovers Star Trek merch at 2nd & Charles
  • The Mega Con Expo in Orlando
  • Abs makes plans for cosplay
  • Plato’s Cave
  • Regretting not watching Trek earlier, especially in Middle School
  • The Greek philosphical concept of Eudaimonia (εὐδαιμονία)
  • Star Trek TNG’s Clues caused an existential crisis for Abs
  • A diversion on the The Prisoner
  • The film Hereditary
  • Adam Young and the Voyager album
  • Tying in Trek to the real world
  • The six-minute Enterprise scene in TMP
  • How big is the NCC-1701-D?
  • Abigail on the agency in our own lives
  • Thinking about the Transporter can be scary
  • Picard shipper battles & opinions
  • Rule 34
  • Planet Argelius II and my discussion with prior Trek Profiles guest Maggie McNeill
  • On the power of representation in Star Trek for Abigail
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Impulse Systems Control Officer on the USS Titan

Episodes Discussed

  • For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky TOS S3E8
  • Half a Life TNG S4E22
  • Is There in Truth, No Beauty? TOS S3E5
  • Clues TNG S4E14
  • Schisms TNG S6E5
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Sarek TNG S3E23
  • The Savage Curtain TOS S3E22
  • Spock Must Die! (Novel)
  • A Fistful of Datas TNG S6E8
  • Bread & Circuses TOS S2E25
  • Q-Pid TNG S4E20
  • Data’s Day TNG S4E11



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