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I’m doing the final edit on the latest episode and suddenly I’ve got a major software update for all my devices. I’m definitely doing the update now! 🤪
h J R

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@Jester_NeNe Of course you should see it. Make sure you are watching the recently updated edition. 😇🖖🏻
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@BadSocialism John, any time you watching the show, keep a tally of how many times “Starfleet” and the “Federation” are conflated. It’s something that once you notice it, you can’t stop seeing it. These terms are not supposed to be synonyms, but the show often seems to try for that.
h J R

- 1 day ago

Perpetually horny Riker in this novel was unforgettable! 😆
h J R

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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 56: Glenn Dakin


Episode 56: Glenn Dakin

Image of Cambridge UK

Glenn Dakin is a writer and cartoonist, specializing in fantasy and humor. But he’s also a huge Star Trek fan. Let’s take a dive into his fandom and learn what Trek means to him.

Glenn Dakin


  • How John makes the show
  • The challenges of trying to watch Star Trek in the UK in 1970’s
  • Glenn does not prefer the remastered TOS episodes
  • Spock’s Little Book of Mindfulness
  • The Walk & Talk
  • The book I am Spock
  • The Whitfield book
  • A dive into Star Trek mixology
  • Tolkien and Berúthiel
  • A look at the These are the Voyages books
  • The darkness implicit in Star Trek Discovery
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Federation Cultural Attaché to Bajor

Episodes Discussed

  • The Trouble with Tribbles TOS S2E15
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  • Tapestry TNG S6E15
  • The Measure of Man TNG S2E9
  • Context is for Kings DSC S1E3



Some Lightning Round questions in this episode were submitted by listeners Adam Saunders and Corbie Hill. You can also submit questions for possible inclusion on the show.

Background photo by Abhishek K. Singh on Unsplash

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