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Episode 55: Lurker Profiles with Norman Lao

Be sure to check out the previous episode with Norman to see pictures and check out his contact information.


  • Watching the show in original broadcast
  • The mindset of Sci-Fi fans in the 1990’s
  • Watching a show in syndication that’s often per-empted for sports
  • TNT’s Rough Cut and how B5 fans hated it
  • The Lost Tales, which we won’t talk about
  • Larry DiTillio, writer of some Babylon 5 episodes
  • Babylon 5’s filming location was far away from the studio
  • The B5 Books site
  • Babylon 5 Encyclopedia, and it’s canon
  • JMS, the creator of the show
  • The Agamemcon convention
  • JMS Autobiography: Becoming Superman
  • The wrong McGill was used in the episode Severed Dreams
  • Considering the SFX on the show
  • Optic Nerve Studio and Foundation Imaging
  • The great Spoo debate
  • We are all Mack & Bo
  • The Babylon 5 Work Pod
  • Brother Edward and Kosh have a similar take on the end
  • Some episodes of the show aren’t TV episodes, they are stage plays
  • Vir as a pawn of Londo in some episodes
  • Babylon 5 loves the blue collar bros
  • The show makes Norman emotional
  • Honorary Babylon 5 title awarded: The Lord High Mayor of Downbelow

Episodes Discussed

  • The Gathering (Pilot)
  • Chrysalis S1E22
  • Severed Dreams S3E10
  • Believers (S1E10)
  • A View from the Gallery S5E5
  • Passing Through Gethsemane S3E5
  • Intersections in Real Time S4E18
  • The Deconstruction of Falling Stars S4E22
  • Zha’ha’dum S3E22
  • And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place S4E20
  • Sleeping in Light S5E22