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Episode 54: Norman Lao

In this episode we speak with Norman Lao, co-host of the amazing MissionLog podcast, amateur swordsman, and wearer of kilts. Norm is a life-long fan of Star Trek and shares his most personally meaningful episodes in this discussion. Plus we announce an upcoming special!


  • NX-01 Refit
  • Next up: “Lurker Profiles”
  • Norman’s first Star Trek memory
  • James T Kirk as a hero
  • Special memories of Tennis, Space Invaders watches, and Star Trek
  • TV Guide
  • Starlog Magazine (Archive online)
  • Babylon 5
  • Star Trek philosophy
  • Revisiting the fandom wars of the 1990’s
  • Some fans may have missed the point
  • Space: 1999
    • Norman Lao wearing a Space: 1999 uniform
  • The allure of sci-fi generally
  • Tantalus Colony cosplay
    • Norman Lao wearing a Tantalus Colony cosplay
  • Dorm room Star Trek viewing
  • First convention experiences
  • Donald Cory as a character
  • Feeling the Star Trek Enterprise fan connection
  • The USS Prometheus
  • Getting involved with MissionLog
  • The Zócalo Cast
  • Does “working in Star Trek” affect the fan experience?
  • Fan reception as the new co-host on MIssionLog
  • The cost of critique
  • John met some real life Comic-Book-Guys from The Simpsons
  • The show in the fan’s heads versus the show on the screen
  • The perennial Jellico discussion
  • John digresses on Ancient Roman History
  • Re-writing the entire season one of Star Trek Enterprise
  • John’s Live Tweets of Enterprise First Flight
  • Watch the Star Trek Continues episode Lolani
  • Prime Directive dissection  
  • Are TOS-style morality plays still relevant?
  • Contrasting Kirk and Decker in Doomsday Machine
  • Khan does have a point about one thing, and it’s important 
  • Fathers and Sons generally
  • From the Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • The Wrath of Khan (Movie)
  • The Doomsday Machine TOS S2E06
  • The Omega Glory TOS S2E23
  • Balance of Terror TOS S1E14
  • Chains of Command TNG S6E10 & 11
  • First Flight ENT S2E24
  • Star Trek Continues: Lolani
  • Spectre of the Gun TOS S3E01
  • The Visitor DS9 S4E03


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Lecturer in Classic Weapons and Swordplay at the University of Alpha Centauri

Background photo by Claribel O’Boyle on Unsplash