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Starting #StarTrek Voyager S4E3 Day of Honor. Vorik again?
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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Hard at work


Hard at work


Even when a new episode isn’t in your feed, it doesn’t mean we aren’t hard at work!

Even though it’s spring break and your humble host is on a bit of a vacation, the M5 and I are hard at work, diving deep into Star Trek fandom to bring you another exploration with a featured fan.

I am busy watching episodes that the M5 has determined are critically important to our next guest. Plus, I’m trying to finish the very excellent Desperate Measures book and catch up on some other key issues for the podcast.

Here is a brief status update.

  • Episode 1 – Launched! You haven’t listened yet? Why are you reading this? Listen here.
  • Episode 2 – Post-production is mostly complete. I really enjoyed recording this for you. Unfortunately, I did record this episode before a lot of feedback came in from the first episode, so I don’t have any of your feedback or comments included just yet.
  • Episode 3 – Pre-show prep underway! The M5 and I are transtator-deep into prepping for this episode. We’ve done some gentle internet sleuthing and intelligence-gathering so we are fully ready for a deep dive into another fan’s Trek experience.
  • Episode 4 – Guest selected and early show prep beginning, mostly watching some episodes. (Is that ever a bad thing?)

I am so very appreciative for all of your positive comments and helpful feedback. I asked the M5 if he wanted to say anything to all of you and the only thing he had to add was… “This Unit Must Survive.” Always a fountain of wit, the M5.

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