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Episode 37: Kerry Purvis

In this episode, we speak with Kerry Purvis about her Star Trek fandom. We talk about her favorite episodes and discover some common themes among them!



  • John’s Spock Ratings for Star Trek
  • Seeing Trek out of order… does watching Picard then Voyager affect the experience?
  • Waiting all summer… or not to see the Best of Both Worlds continuation
  • Kerry’s Captain Picard song
  • The nature of collecting Star Trek books
  • Physical media vs Streaming
  • The joy of gag reels
  • Pet Sematery, the Stephen King book
  • The North & South miniseries
  • A clapperboard
  • The “hilarious” exploding head
  • The So to Speak podcast, episode 88 with James LaRue
  • J/C Shipping
  • Possible differing standards for Janeway as Captain
  • Did Janeway and Chakotay actually get together in the show?
  • What did Janeway think?
  • The guest counselor Hugh Cambridge in the novels
  • The cliffhanger in Architects of Infinity
  • Was Tasha treated fairly?
  • The Vulcans don’t hide their emotions very well
  • What’s a Cozy Mystery?
  • Murder, She Wrote, the show
  • The underdog characters
  • Some of Kerry’s articles from Women at Warp
  • T’Pol & Tripp in S1 Enterprise
  • Kerry has an opinion on who is the best Vulcan
  • Social media extroversion vs IRL introversion
  • Ensign Cutler & Dr Phlox
  • From the Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • Encounter at Farpoint TNG S1E01
  • Best of Both Worlds TNG S3E26 and S4E01
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Conspiracy TNG S1E25
  • The Drumhead TNG S4E21
  • Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer (Voyager novel)
  • Architects of Infinity by Kirsten Beyer (Voyager novel)
  • Yesterday’s Enterprise TNG S03E15
  • Past Tense DS9 S03E11 & S03E12
  • Carbon Creek ENT S02E02
  • 11:59 VOY S05E23
  • Parallels TNG S7E11
  • Tapestry TNG S6E15
  • The Lorelei Signal TAS S01E04
  • Horizon ENT S2E20
  • Data’s Day TNG S04E11
Kerry with Denise & Nichelle, wearing one of her favorite Star Trek shirts.


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Curator of Historical Fiction at the Memory Alpha complex

Background photo by Russ Ward on Unsplash