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I’m doing the final edit on the latest episode and suddenly I’ve got a major software update for all my devices. I’m definitely doing the update now! 🤪
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@Jester_NeNe Of course you should see it. Make sure you are watching the recently updated edition. 😇🖖🏻
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@BadSocialism John, any time you watching the show, keep a tally of how many times “Starfleet” and the “Federation” are conflated. It’s something that once you notice it, you can’t stop seeing it. These terms are not supposed to be synonyms, but the show often seems to try for that.
h J R

- 1 day ago

Perpetually horny Riker in this novel was unforgettable! 😆
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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 37: Kerry Purvis


Episode 37: Kerry Purvis


In this episode, we speak with Kerry Purvis about her Star Trek fandom. We talk about her favorite episodes and discover some common themes among them!



  • John’s Spock Ratings for Star Trek
  • Seeing Trek out of order… does watching Picard then Voyager affect the experience?
  • Waiting all summer… or not to see the Best of Both Worlds continuation
  • Kerry’s Captain Picard song
  • The nature of collecting Star Trek books
  • Physical media vs Streaming
  • The joy of gag reels
  • Pet Sematery, the Stephen King book
  • The North & South miniseries
  • A clapperboard
  • The “hilarious” exploding head
  • The So to Speak podcast, episode 88 with James LaRue
  • J/C Shipping
  • Possible differing standards for Janeway as Captain
  • Did Janeway and Chakotay actually get together in the show?
  • What did Janeway think?
  • The guest counselor Hugh Cambridge in the novels
  • The cliffhanger in Architects of Infinity
  • Was Tasha treated fairly?
  • The Vulcans don’t hide their emotions very well
  • What’s a Cozy Mystery?
  • Murder, She Wrote, the show
  • The underdog characters
  • Some of Kerry’s articles from Women at Warp
  • T’Pol & Tripp in S1 Enterprise
  • Kerry has an opinion on who is the best Vulcan
  • Social media extroversion vs IRL introversion
  • Ensign Cutler & Dr Phlox
  • From the Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • Encounter at Farpoint TNG S1E01
  • Best of Both Worlds TNG S3E26 and S4E01
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Conspiracy TNG S1E25
  • The Drumhead TNG S4E21
  • Full Circle by Kirsten Beyer (Voyager novel)
  • Architects of Infinity by Kirsten Beyer (Voyager novel)
  • Yesterday’s Enterprise TNG S03E15
  • Past Tense DS9 S03E11 & S03E12
  • Carbon Creek ENT S02E02
  • 11:59 VOY S05E23
  • Parallels TNG S7E11
  • Tapestry TNG S6E15
  • The Lorelei Signal TAS S01E04
  • Horizon ENT S2E20
  • Data’s Day TNG S04E11
Kerry with Denise & Nichelle, wearing one of her favorite Star Trek shirts.


Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Curator of Historical Fiction at the Memory Alpha complex

Background photo by Russ Ward on Unsplash

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