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Episode 16: Bonnie Moss

In this episode we talk with Bonnie Moss, an original series fan who started watching Star Trek right from the beginning in 1966. She became a fan of Leonard Nimoy and supported his many artistic endeavors.

Connect with Bonnie on Twitter here: NCBonnie1

Read an article about Bonnie in her home town paper here. You can also read an article she wrote about her exhibit of Leonard’s work here.

We will talk about:

Episodes discussed:

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • City on the Edge of Forever (TOS S1E28)
  • Balance of Terror (TOS S1E8)
  • The Devil in the Dark (TOS S1 E26)
  • Mirror, Mirror (TOS S2E10)
  • Amok Time (TOS S2E5)
  • Journey to Babel (TOS S2E15)
  • The Naked Time (TOS S1E6)

Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Curator of Fine Visual Arts for the Andorian Art Academy

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Background photo by Seth Fink on Unsplash