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Episode 66: Steve Gibson

In this episode we speak with the Software Engineer and Security Commentator Steve Gibson. He’s a Star Trek fan since the TOS original broadcast and he’s also the co-host of the Security Now podcast on the TWiT network.

Steve Gibson enjoying a Raktajino


  • Seeing TOS in original broadcast
  • Steve’s greatest heartbreak
  • Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, and Forbidden Planet
  • Real people, not cartoons
  • The TNG Writer’s Bible
  • Who is the Ultimate Captain?
  • Steve’s shocking DS9 confession
  • Star Trek Time Machine – Back to the 1980’s
  • Another shocking confession, this time about Q
  • Defending Q
  • Star Trek and Star Wars
  • Steve does not approve of short seasons in modern TV
  • The unbelievable story of the Bunn-Ons and Steve’s Super8 movie
  • Making effects in Super8 film
  • The threatening voice of the Bunn-On Commander
  • The transporter was an electric range
    • Image of an old stovetop range from the 1970's with push buttons
  • Creating beaming and phaser effects with pins
  • Special thanks to Scott’s Mom
  • John’s Super8 Sci-fi spectacular
  • Not a collector
  • High hopes for Strange New Worlds
  • Steve gets choked up
  • Reflections on Captain Pike and Mr. Spock
  • Some love for the USS Voyager
  • Steve knows he is mortal but wants something more. He also has a complaint.
  • Should we answer the phone if the aliens call?
  • The Bobiverse books
  • The Gibraltar series
  • Gene was part of a team
  • The creator of the Horta: Janos Prohaska
  • Time Travel stories: Episodes the fans crave
  • Why do the space aliens speak English?
  • My prior guest Tim Sandefur had many thoughts on Survivors too
  • Even “godlike” beings enjoy a little VR every once and a while
  • Kevin Uxbridge committed a genocide
  • A Christmas Carol with Sir Patrick Stewart
  • Picard Season 2 is a resolution
  • Strange New Worlds
  • Prodigy & Lower Decks
  • Are we in a Sci-Fi drought?
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Deep Core Multi-Tronic Programmer at the Daystrom Institute
  • From the Bonus Material

Episodes Discussed

  • Farewell PIC S2E10
  • The Devil in the Dark TOS S1E25
  • First Contact TNG S4E15
  • The City on the Edge of Forever TOS S1E28
  • Darmok TNG S5E02
  • The Survivors TNG S3E03
  • The Inner Light TNG S5E25


  • Find Steve on Twitter
  • You can also get his podcast, Security Now, here.


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