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Episode 65: Amens

In this episode we speak with Star Trek fan and Online Role-player Amens. She’s a long-time fan who is changing her name to match her Star Trek persona and has been very active in the online Trek Twitter RP community.

Amens in uniform!
Ensign Amens is the best engineer in Starfleet!


  • Is “Amens” really my guest’s name?
  • Terrified by Balok
  • 50-foot Spock awaits you in TAS
  • Avoiding spoilers
  • Star Trek: The Collectible Card Game
  • Making your own props
  • Padd Production Process
  • Amens’ Real-Life Brother needs to seek Jamaharon
  • Future plans for Props
  • Self-taught prop-making
  • The challenges of the Borg Eye Implant from the Picard Show
  • Uniform collections
  • Mission: Chicago recollections
  • STLV predictions
  • Churros
  • Star Trek Role Play Twitter: Federation News Network Twitter
  • Amens’ Dream Uniform
  • Theme Park Twitter
  • The genesis of Ensign Amens
  • The podcast has a purpose?
  • Who is a Star Trek fan? Are there rules? Limits?
  • Carrying groceries at Waldbaum’s
  • RP Twitter has rules
  • The “in-universe” origin story of the Ensign Amens character
  • Alaska had 4 channels
  • Giving up on Voyager on the first go
  • The EMH was inappropriate
  • Fortress Ovum is under attack!
  • Errata: JG Hertzler teaches how to “wax on, wax off.”
  • Toby the Targ – more details needed
  • Errata: Toby the Targ is mentioned a second time in Voyager and is mentioned in Lower Decks
  • “Where’s your cortical node, buddy?”
  • Seven deserved a uniform
  • “I have an excellent bedside manner.”
  • Time travel doesn’t have to make sense in the show
  • Weyoun vs. Weyoun
  • Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Assistant Starship Design Engineer at Tranquility Base

Episodes Discussed

  • Caretaker VOY S1E01
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Movie)
  • Generations (Movie)
  • Someone to Watch Over Me VOY S5E21
  • Tsunkatse VOY S6E15
  • Stardust City Rag PIC S1E05
  • Relativity VOY S5E24
  • Treachery, Faith, and the Great River DS9 S7E06
Amens in her Seven of Nine cosplay from the Picard show
Amens in her Seven cosplay at Mission: Chicago


Amens on recording day of Trek Profiles
Amens ready to record Trek Profiles!


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Amens has a few uniforms


Image of an old Tube Tester from the 1980's
A Tube Tester, like the kind you might have found in a drug store in the 1970’s or 1980’s.