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Battle of the captains! Learn archaeology from Picard or learn cooking from Sisko? I asked @Tyranicus on the last podcast and he picked the Picard option. What’s your pick from these two?
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@BrandonMutala The happiest of birthdays!
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@TrekfanRick @10backward I do the same, even tho only my guest can see.
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And even though the contest is over, I’ll continue to accept your questions, for possible inclusion in the show. Every question used will get you a credit in the show notes and a mention on the episode. 🤩🖖🏻
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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 9 is Live: Dr Erin MacDonald


Episode 9 is Live: Dr Erin MacDonald

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In this episode we chat with Erin MacDonald, PhD. Our guest tells us about her experience with Star Trek and how she came to her Trek fandom later in life. Dr Erin shares about her interest in science and she also talks about her opinion of the science in some of her favorite episodes!

Headshot of Erin MacDonald PhD
Erin MacDonald PhD

Key moments in the show:

  • Why Scotland made Dr Erin feel like she was in the Delta Quadrant
  • How Star Trek helped her connect with colleagues
  • Star Trek tattoos
  • Her first visit to STLV
  • Here is a link to The Tricorder Transmissions podcast network Shore Leave show, which talks about DragonCon, which we reference in the episode.
  • Brief recap of her STLV panels
  • Does being a scientist get in the way of enjoying Star Trek?
  • The giant science flaw in The Martian
  • Her favorite cosplays from different fandoms
  • Her inherited Trek collection of cups and plates
  • The Scully Effect
  • Are transporters death machines? Is a wave-based or particle-based technology?
  • Episodes discussed
    • Into the Forest I Go (Discovery S01E09)
    • Eye of the Needle (Voyager S01E07)
    • Counterpoint (Voyager S05E10)
    • The Way of the Warrior (DS9 S04E01/E02)
    • Darmok (TNG S05E02)

You can check out Dr Erin’s work at any of the following:

Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Director of Stellar Cartography for the Federation Astronomical Committee

Listen online below.

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