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@themattschorr It’s an energy field. ⚡️😆
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Time to put away the synthehol and drink the real stuff with friends! Do you turn up the rock and roll on the jukebox and drink tequila with Zefram Cochran & Troi, or sing old English folk songs and drink whisky with O’Brien & Bashir? @AshleyVRobinson on ep 62 picked whisky!
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@AltruisTom Perfectly acceptable. 🥰🖖🏻
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I've been a lifelong Star Trek fan and it's my pleasure to bring you the Trek Profiles podcast.


Episode 18: Aly Martinez


Episode 18: Aly Martinez


In this episode we speak with the Star Trek social media personality Aly Martinez. She is best known to Trek fans as the 23-Year-Old Trekkie on Twitter and occasional podcaster.

We will talk about:

Episodes discussed

  • Broken Bow (ENT S1E1 and E2)
  • Short Treks: Runaway (DIS:ST E1)
  • The Cage (TOS Pilot)
  • The Chase (TNG S6E20)
  • The 37s (VOY S2E1)
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  • City on the Edge of Forever (TOS S1E28)
  • I, Borg (TNG S5E23)
  • Face of the Enemy (TNG S6E14)
  • In the Pale Moonlight (DS9 S6E19)

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Honorary Star Trek title awarded: Public Relations Director for Starfleet Command

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Background Photo by Daniel Guerra on Unsplash

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