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Cast your Vote!

So I’m running a contest! In episode 18 with Aly, we had speculated the existence of a Neelix Cookbook, and as it turns out, this is real! So I’m running a little contest. I’ve picked two entrees and two side dishes from the Neelix/Voyager section of the book. I’m running two polls on Twitter and the results are going to tell me which ones to cook!

  • Entree Choices
    • Artilotian Loosedine, which is a kind of poultry stew
    • Jimbalian Seven World Omelet, which is of course, an egg dish
  • Side Dishes
    • Mokra Couscous
    • Sweetened and Pickled Wild Fantasia Beans

I’ll make the dishes and then post a few pics and let you know how they came out. Cast your votes on Twitter here!

Background photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash